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After a morning spent studying for his HSC exams, William Lo decided to do some chin ups while taking a break

He was struck by a massive pain in his head.

“It was pounding, exploding, almost like my head was expanding,” William recalls.

Thinking it was a headache, he decided to try and sleep it off. He realised something was terribly wrong when he tried to get up half an hour later and was unable to move his whole left side.

“My mum came home at around 5pm and because she did a first aid course she identified the signs of stroke and then I was rushed to hospital,” William says.

Doctors performed surgery to drain the fluid of William’s brain. Afterwards he spent time in the Intensive Care Unit.

It wasn’t until he was transferred to the rehab unit that he began to worry about his future.

“I think that’s when it really hit me, I was thinking how am I going to achieve my goals?” William says.

“How am I going to do this? How am I going to recover from this?”

With the help of his mother and health professionals he got stuck into rehab both at home and in the hospital.

He now sees his stroke as a fresh beginning.  

“You get to a point where you’ve got a new self-portrait and what this resembles is the ultimate goal which is recovery,” he says.

“Because now you’ve got a new version of yourself, probably one which is better than the old.”

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William’s story came to OurHealth from the National Stroke Foundation. For more information about the work of the Foundation please visit their website at http://strokefoundation.com.au/

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