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  • The costs of chronic illness

    “I live pay to pay even though my substantive income is reasonable. This is because my medical expenses, related to an inherited condition, cost me so much money.” Read Mel’s story about the costs of living with chronic illness.Read more
  • My story: Mum's care

    geranium in a garden
    “It was too fast and I said, ‘I think you’re going too quickly for mum’.” Patrick’s* story about the care his mum received for stroke.Read more
  • Haemochromatosis: My Story

    “When the endocrinologist made the diagnosis of inherited iron overload, otherwise known as haemochromatosis, I was elated. Elated, because I was confident I would receive the treatment, support and understanding I needed.” This is Karin’s storyRead more
  • Mary's story

    Older lady's clasped hands
    “Fortunately Mary had people around her who were not afraid of speaking up on her behalf” Mary’s daughter shares the story about Mary’s time in hospital, and about why it is so important to speak up about any concerns.Read more
  • Living with Hep C - Mark's story

    “My GP grew with me - we both got an education and still educate others today.” Mark and other people living with Hep C are speaking out against the stigma and discrimination associated with the disease as part of the C the person, not the disease project.Read more
  • A mixed experience of care

    male doctor talking to female patient
    “Her empathy and reassurance took away my embarrassment. I felt cared for. I felt like a person, not an inconvenience.” A consumer story about ongoing care.Read more
  • Appropriate care: a consumer story

    cricket ball on grass
    “The people were nice but I felt a bit like a museum exhibit with groups of people chatting about me in the doorway” - this consumer shares his experiences of care in the UK and in Aus, and about the importance of good communication and support.Read more


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