Rock the boat and stay in it!

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The internet is an important way for consumers to learn about the healthcare system and to have their say about how it runs.

Pages like OurHealth and Patient Opinion offer consumers a way to let decision makers know about issues with the system and with specific providers.

Social media sites - especially Twitter and Facebook - are providing consumers with news, with avenues to link up with other like-minded people, with a place to ask questions directly of decision makers, and with ways to raise awareness to create change. Check out Twitter feeds like #HCSMANZ & #Medicare as examples.

There are also a number of programs and resources online to help you train you to be an effective agent of change. The OurHealth site has a number of these resources (including a consumer representative training module) at 

The NHS has created a free training program for people who want to “rock the boat but stay in it”. The School for Health and Care Radicals (#SHCR) is entirely based online, is  free, and is a platform for radicals from around the world to learn to create change together. The course starts on 30 Jan 2015. For more information visit


How do you create change for healthcare? Has the internet changed how you interact with the healthcare system? Have a say!


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