PHNs - will they be good for our health?

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The latest edition of the Consumers Health Forum’s Health Voices journal is out!

In the April 2015 edition, ‘PHNs - will they be good for our health?’, consumers, doctors and other health experts all share their views and ideas for consumer involvement in the new Primary Health Networks (PHNs).

“It is critical that PHNs establish good practices early as to how they involve consumers and patients in governance and operations” says CEO Leanne Wells.  “At the very least, PHNs should be held to National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard 2 : Partnering with Consumers.”

The journal includes articles from Health Minister Sussan Ley, Dr Frank R Jones, Stephen Duckett, and Lesley M Russell and covers issues around consumer engagement, governance, and safety.

The journal is available on the CHF website


What are your thoughts on the new PHNs? Do you think they’ll help improve primary care?

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