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  • Michael76's picture

    Stroke Info Sheet

    have a hand out to Stroke Survivor's detailing all the options of service available ie. Social Security, Stroke Forums, Disability Services, Therapist's - I know we had to find all ourselves, was very costly and stressful.
  • Jodiesjourneycom's picture

    Caring for our medical personnel - a community response.

    As communities and patients, do we sometimes neglect to understand the stress involved in being part of a medical team? All (health consumers) should consistently support, encourage, compliment and respond to our medical staff 'extra mile' effort.
  • Delia's picture

    Healthcare and the information technology revolution

    The StartUp HealthcareIT group already has 400 members, creating apps, software and cloud solutions to give patients better information and control over their lives. Support this growing industry and bring healthcare into the 21st century.
  • piper09's picture

    Reduce reliance on drugs

    To reduce healthcare costs, preventative medicine should be considered a priority.
  • Michelle-from-Perth's picture

    Commonwealth no-fault compensation insurance scheme.

    Some people do have adverse reactions to vaccinations. Most of the time, it's no-one's fault. They could be compensated through a Commonwealth no-fault insurance scheme, which can help with loss of income and medical bills.
  • Mandemar's picture

    Help pensioners keep private health insurance

    There should be some help for pensioners when they have kept up private health insurance for most of their life. We need cost relief on premiums and the gaps.
  • GingerW's picture

    Traffic light labels on fast food

    Just because food is fast.. It shouldn't have to be unhealthy. Why can't we have traffic light guidance on nutritional value - green for a good choice.. red for a poor choice and amber for just one meal like this today! More conscious choices.
  • Gloria Levins's picture

    Our health is paramount

    Our health is paramount to our happiness and our lives. Without good health, we cannot work or otherwise function as human beings.
  • Stroke Association ACT's picture

    National Action Plan for Stroke

    The NSF has just released the National Action Plan for Stroke. Stroke is Australia's second biggest killer but it has never received federal funding for a comprehensive stroke strategy. See the NSF website for more about the plan and possible action
  • chutchi's picture

    Registration for Social Workers

    Currently social workers are not registered but are self regulated. Organisations are asking for registered professionals. This limits consumer access to a valid and significant allied health professional


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