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Palliative Care for people with intellectual disability

Hi Everyone, I work for the uni of New England and we are looking into end of life care for people with intellectual disabilities. We are currently recruiting for a study that looks the end of life experience of people with intellectual disability from the perspective of workers and family members who have experienced the process with them through to death. There are many cases where people with intellectual disabilities and service providers may not have choice or control around the circumstances of end of life and other cases where there has been a really positive experience.
So if you have gone through this process or know someone that has please follow the link and complete the survey. We are after participants from NSW and QLD Australia.


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Hi Everyone. I am not sure if I have come to the right place. I need some advice on an oxygen concentrator that I wanted to hire for my mother. I wanted to take her out to spend a day In Sydney, and wanted to know if this portable concentrator is good? She is looking forward to going out, because she has not been out since she got sick.. I look forward to some feedback! Many Thanks

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