Mental health

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    Lack of follow-up and feedback at Box Hill Hospital

    My partner overdosed on prescription drugs and was admitted to Box Hill Hospital. Not once was I contacted directly by the hospital for an update. On three occasions I requested a mental health review and also for an attending doctor to contact me back for an update on condition. No one from the hospital contacted me back. My partner contacted me two days later to advise me they were being discharged. I proactively sought to see the doctor before collecting my partner as otherwise they would have just been discharged to me with no feedback. Apparently mental health team did assess my partner...Read more
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    I just can't find hope, but counselling is helping me.

    I am a pensioner who has a husband and an elderly parent. I have found my counsellor quite helpful, though confronting in my dilemma. However, I cannot see my future changing in any way. I just can't find hope! In my instance, I have six free sessions and must apply if I need more. I find I am withdrawing socially as my lack of hearing worsens. The demand on me does not cease and I feel I am running around in circles. I like my counsellor very much. She tells me there is hope for me, but I can't see it. I don't know where to start. But there is a limit on sessions...Read more
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    Thankful for support from Anglicare.

    My spouse phoned Anglicare for me just over a year ago, when I was not coping very well with life, suffering from ongoing anxiety and depression. I was already on medication and had a good relationship with my GP, but really needed more support. Anglicare was able to help and I was visited by Partners in Recovery facilitator. The facilitator initially visited quite regularly and provided the support I needed to develop strategies to help me function in my day to day life. My GP was part of the process too, and I was helped to recover to be able to function better again. I also accessed other...Read more
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    Outstanding level of care

    I've been seeing 3 health professionals over the past 3 years at the Camperdown Headspace and my health has significantly improved due to my own personal persistence, and the commitment, efforts, and sense of humour of my 'treatment team'. They're happy for me to work with me to try things out, ranging from different medicines to challenging my performance anxiety. I normally would not have sought out such support if hadn't been for a major relapse, but have been constantly rewarded by my own personal growth facilitated by their belief in me. Their reception has also...Read more
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    The Yellow Ribbon

    Some of my family suffer from Mental Health issues, and I am a carer for some with Mental Health problems. Some years ago my wife was presented with a card showing a yellow ribbon- with the notation that when things get too much tell them you need to use your Yellow Ribbon, or hand this card to someone so that they know you are in difficulty. I haven't seen these cards since, and when I drove a person to hospital with a problem that required admission urgently, I told the triage nurse "He needs to use his Yellow Ribbon" and she didn't know what i was talking about. Whereas...Read more
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    Depression and treatment can be Mental Health torture.

    In my experience battling with Depression/Severe Anxiety Disorder/Head Injury/Frontal lobe damage, being first placed on anti-depressant pharmaceuticals — suffering horrendous side effects (greater suicidal thoughts, zombie like, inability to sleep, inability to concentrate, inability to control bodily functions, heart palpitations, stomach upset, severe heartburn) — then having to go through the process of what GP ’s and Mental Health professionals call ‘fine tuning’ (trialling different anti-depressant brands) — and then, because none of these medications had efficacy,...Read more
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    I like coming to Wagga Applied Psychology Service

    Took a long time to get booked in! ! ! My psychologist was changed during treatment! ! ! The staff are friendly, professional and polite at all times. I like coming here, I get good advice. I wish that I had more sessions available each year as I have issues relating back to childhood and that was awhile ago.Read more
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    Poor handling of mental health crisis at RPA emergency department

    My suicidal friend presented at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital's emergency department on the recommendation of a mental health crisis team and the situation was poorly handled by the intake staff. We were told that there was no psychiatrists available (apparently this was not the case) and he was told that he could leave if he wished. It might sound like a small thing to say but given that it can take a lot for someone to seek help it should have been dealt with more seriously. People know if they haven't been sectioned that they have the option to leave. I suspect that no one with a...Read more
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    I finally feel I am getting results with the Counsellor at MINDS Metro North Brisbane

    I have a lot of really in depth stuff that I have to work out, and so I really need counselling. In the past I have felt that I was always put in the too hard basket, and passed around. Counselling is really important to me, so that even when I have not had government funding I have tried to pay for it myself. The ATAPS has now covered the cost for some of my counselling. I am now seeing Coral and she is absolutely wonderful. This is the very first time that I feel I'm really getting results. I am over the moon with how I am getting on. I have been able to build up a trust with her and I...Read more
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    Getting help for depression

    I had been suffering depression for years with no help and thought I would be able to deal with it alone but after seeking help it has become so much easier to deal with. Having someone to talk to about anything is the best thing that can be done for someone that is suffering depression.Read more
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    Very helpful service at Wagga Psychology Service

    The service provided has been very professional and very helpful. My psychologist is very skilled, providing a stress free, relaxed environment. I was able to discuss all and any issues I had without feeding uncomfortable. The receptionist is also very friendly and makes you feel welcome.Read more
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    Mental health plans with Wagga Psychology Service

    I have been attending WAPS for some time, and under ongoing Mental Health Plans. My experiences of psychotherapy have been on the whole very positive, with many useful tools to help cope with depression and anger control being investigated, discussed and implemented. I am a much improved person from my visits.Read more
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    Nice not to be judged at Wagga Wagga Psychology

    It was nice to talk to someone who really understands, is kind, and who doesn't put more pressure on me than I do on myself. To not be "judged" is a great thing because not coping with some things that are normal for most people is not easy to deal with. And my counsellor is so lovely to talk to. Has really given me coping strategies that work when I practise them and such a caring person. Makes me feel like I'm very grateful and thankful for her, help and support...Read more
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    Staff are incredible

    I have found this service invaluable. I doubt I would of sought help if this service wasn't supported by Medicare due to lack of affordability within our budget. The staff are incredible and very knowledgable. It has always been a comfortable and supportive environment...Read more
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    Distressed and confused by government closure of Barrett Adolescents Centre

    I've been admitted to the Barrett Adolescents Center for a couple of years. For a while I went backwards because of other patients giving me negative pointers in self-harm and suicide. But as the weeks went on I started moving forward with the help of another patient; My treatment and progress went up and down, but slowing I was moving forward onto discharge. Until late last year when the government were throwing around whether they should close the Barrett Adolescent Center. Then it seemed to me that everyone lost their minds, knowing a possibility that the time with the Barrett...Read more
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    Treatment of mental health patients from rural areas

    After spending some time in a country hospital my friend was detained under the Mental Health Act ( long term mental illness) as the hospital did not have the facilities to monitor her. She was flown to The Royal Adelaide Hospital and sent to the emergency department. My understanding is that there she was left. It appeared that her medication regime was altered after a quick visit from a doctor two days later. I am led to believe that she was given no medication for two days. By the Sunday she wanted to go home. She cannot recall being given meals nor whether she was allowed to shower. I...Read more
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    Let down by the Mental Health system again.

    The Mental Health system has let as down again. Our son had a melt down, called for ambo's. They came, left saying can't do any thing for him. He would not go to the hospital. Thank you so much. Ambo's left, so did my son. Maybe they might pick him out of the gutter some were...Read more
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    The Importance of Mental Health Consumer Advocates

    We need Mental Health Consumer Advocates in each hospital to work in conjunction with the Mental Health teams. In our local health area (Port Macquarie) there is none! And not been for many years and there seems a resistance to the idea. We consumers are not a threat but an enhancement as we have been there and survived and managing our strategies, so we are living proof that the system does work, it just needs some help, with consumers speaking out and letting others know that they are not alone and that they can reach out. Let them know of the services and let the Mental Health system know...Read more
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    I wasn't brave enough to see another psychologist for 18mths until I became really suicidal

    I was referred by my GP to a registered clinical psychologist for severe depression after having antidepressants prescribed. The psychologist seemed very nice on first impressions, was similar in age to me & proposed concentrating on the present, not digging up the painful past. The second time I went, she seemed to have forgotten what she had told me already & that we had agreed on the mindfulness approach. She went through another type of preliminary explanation/assessment & I asked her about the 'mindfulness' & I was told that we would make the decision next time...Read more
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    Mental health and access to information

    I work for a charity for disabled people to work at. I wonder why the daily reports for the file being made for me is not available as a guideline for my treatment. I understand that the reports are attainable by a doctor but are not included on my medical record. I can look at the file whenever I want but am not able to find out who is looking at it or why. Why is this file not logged online so that I may access it at my convenience and read it in detail as my doctor/s could?Read more
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    Discharge from Beenleigh Mental Health Service

    My child, who has a serious mental illness, was discharged from Beenleigh Mental Health Service last year and referred to a GP (also my GP). I made an appointment to see the GP to discuss this matter and she expressed reservations about having enough expertise to take on the mental health care of my child. I was told she had not been asked by the mental health service if she would be willing to take this on. She had only been sent a letter saying that my child was now in her care. Before my child was discharged from the mental health service I had been assured by the treating doctor that any...Read more
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