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[quote=From the Ideas Wall]Valerie writes: To offset high hospitalization costs due to incorrect medications administered, blister packs should become a bulk billed Medicare rebate-able item.[/quote] Hello Valerie, I'm very interested in your idea. Would you mind explaining it a bit more, please, as I'm not very familiar with this issue. Thank you!
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Thanks for your interest. As I speak to older members of our community I had noticed that medications can be very confusing for them. Many take more than 5 tablets per day. DVA members have their blister packs subsidized by the Pharmacy Guild and only have to pay $2 per week for their blister pack. Now that approved pharmacists can do MedsChecks in store, on eligible consumers, and receive a payment for providing this service, I thought it would be prudent to extend that service by requesting either a Medicare refund to the consumer or a subsidy from the Pharmacy Guild for the cost of the blister pack to the consumer. has more detail for the MedsCheck. I have forwarded a proposal to COTA(QLD) to take up the issue, and they have forwarded to all interstate partners for comment at this stage. Offsetting costs would be a lessening of the hospitalisation costs for incorrect medications reactions.
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I'm interested in the outcome of your COTA submission.

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