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    Appalling assistance from paramedic

    A female paramedic arrived at the scene of a young woman who was suffering from violent epileptic seizures. Before arrival we were on the phone to paramedic and were encouraged to tell the truth to whether our friend had consumed any drugs that evening. With the assurance that our honesty would be the best for our friend, informed the paramedic she had consumed alcohol and a small amount of speed. If we knew that giving this information was going to result in carelessness and judgmental actions we would never have told them. The female paramedic, after being described of the seizures, almost...Read more
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    Kylie wonderful at CCSS Program.

    My medical history/ appointments were all up to date. After receiving bad news from my Cardiology Dr. I returned to my house and had a coffee to think and to take everything in. I had made a decision (If there is nothing that could be done to fix up my heart; why should I continue to keep up my hospital appointments) it's wasting my time. I was getting worse my health suffered. My local GP wanted me to talk to some of his staff, to see if there is something that could be done to get me back on track. several telephone calls on the day. I was told to go home and wait. I received a call...Read more
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    Very thankful to have health care services from Murrumbidgee Medicare Local

    We are very thankful to have these health care services and please do not cut back on their coming to us, as we look forward to their presence with us. Enlightening us on many topics to do with our health, and many subjects to do with the elderly, for instance, summer heat, our hearing, exercise, our skin, with many guest speakers. As older people we are not always able to travel a distance to seek out help. Most of us living on our own, in our homes and meeting monthly get to enjoy each others company, along with morning tea. I would like nothing to change. So thank you!Read more
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    Community group meetings once a month organised by Murrumbidgee Medicare Local.

    The group meetings in a small town and morning tea are very informative. Allows people to interact socially - great attendance so it seems it must be providing a need. Many people are widows and isolated which has given them an outing as well as gaining knowledge. People attending can suggest need / topic for the next meeting which gives them ownership and direction. The outings are excellent for morale, interaction with people from a variety of small communities and we are able to share stories and experiences. All activites are relevant, supportive and seem important for all involved.Read more
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    Interesting and different information provided by Murrumbidgee Medicare Local

    It has been very interesting. All the different information we have received and also all other things that are available. It has been great to learn of other people's ideas and solutions. The guest speakers have been wonderful and informative. I love joining with the groups. Also I would like to say how great Sarah has been and am looking forward to seeing her with us again this year...Read more
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    Cardiomyopathy and education with Murrumbidgee Medicare Local

    After discovering that I had a heart 'condition' - cardiomyopathy - I was shocked! I was then contacted by the local medicare to participate in various programmes. It was with trepidation that I attended the first day, but I now realise what a great assistance this has been to me and look forward to participating in the 2014 programme. The advice I have received has been excellent...Read more
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    Diet information great from Rural Primary Health Nurse Murrumbidgee

    The course helped me to assess what changes I needed to make in my diet in order to lose weight. My main change was to replace full cream milk with lite, and to increase my vegetable intake and to be more careful with my portions. I have found the changes I made easy to stick to. Kate was very informative and encouraging. Add the good laughs we all shared during the course about our dificulties with lifestyle changes and diet, made the whole course so much easier. Having Kate drop in and visit us occasionally just to say hi and see how we are all doing. This has been very encouraging and has...Read more
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    Integrative medicine

    Thanks very much to a contributor from our Facebook page for this comment - “The best changes we can make to our healthcare system is that of integrative medicine. Doctors and natural therapists working side by side, hand in hand, educating and empowering people to think wellness and to be healthy instead of attempting to get well when they are already ill. This is a change in perspective which empowers the client, the therapist and the doctor making integrative medicine a medicine of true health and wellbeing.”Read more
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    Murrumbidgee Medicare Local's Healthy Lifestyle Program provide me with insight to take charge

    I recently attended the Healthy Lifestyle Program that was held in Narrandera on most days. Originally I went so that my patients could see that my patients could see that I took an active interest in what they were being referred to. I was actually very impressed so signed up for the program. As a result of this, it has made me more aware of healthier food options and I have been applying this to my daily lifestyle. I have actively lost 5 kgs and reduced my clothes size. My next challenge is to become more active and give up smoking. (Small steps - big results) without the increase in weight...Read more
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    Drum Beat for Aboriginal Women's Group with Murrumbidgee Medicare Local

    Kate was approached from our service to deliver 'Drum Beat' to our Aboriginal Women's Group which is run at Coo-ee Cottage in Tumut. The purpose of Kate's facilitation of this wonderful program was to engage with Aboriginal women and talk health. We sat in a circle and drummed on and off for 2hrs which the women loved. Kate had the opportunity to talk about team work, how the drumming relates to our families and our health. The women now have a greater understanding of when they are 'out of rhythm' how this impacts on their family and friends. There were lots of...Read more
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    Stroke June 2009

    I had an Oppcipital Stroke as diagnosed and from a blood clot that went through a hole in my heart. This has been repaired but was never picked up on some tests that I have had previously. I was in Footscray and the teams there were very good and looked after me. This may have been prevented if there was some follow up from some previous tests.. Non-the-less, I could never have foreseen the stroke. It has left me some visual field loss and short term memory loss. There is a part of my brain missing (damaged from scaring) and that I cannot get back. I also believe that we were told that some...Read more
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    Health Education for Adelong Men's Shed from Murrumbidgee Rural Primary Health

    Kate visits our Shed regularly to deliver information sessions on any topic affecting Men's Health. A major aim of the Australian Men's Sheds Association is to improve the health of men in the community through support and information. Kate helps our Shed meet these goals. Whilst not a member, Kate is welcome at our Shed anytime...Read more
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    Educational fun loving programme with Rural Primary Health Nurse at Murrumbidgee Medicare Local

    We had a 6 week programme which was held by Kate. What an educational fun loving programme. Thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Kate was a joy to listen to and be with. The programme was excellent and gave us a total awareness of our health situation and lifestyle today. Too many temptations available in supermarkets and takeaways. Lets get back to basics and start enjoying real foods again. The Bongo Drums session was a mind blowing experience. A rgeular visit by the health care nurse (especially Kate) for ongoing awareness would be beneficial to all. Thank you.Read more
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    Breast Cancer Awareness - Murrumbidgee Medicare Local

    The Primary Health Nurse in Hay came along to our Breast Cancer Awareness evening and read out a very touching poem about Cancer. She also had reading material available for the ladies to take home. Hay is very lucky to have such a genuine person who can understand and support people in their time of need. She makes this world a better place by practicing the art of giving from the heart.Read more
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    High praise for Ipswich Midwifery Group Practice

    I would like to take this opportunity to formally, and sincerely thank the staff on the Midwifery Group Practice at Ipswich Hospital for the exceptional services they recently provided to my husband and I in facilitating the safe arrival of our child. Of particular note, Richard (provided my prenatal care) and Lucy (delivered baby). I have experienced birthing both intermediately (at Ipswich Hospital) and also with the MGP and I would have to say, that the model of care provided to women on MGP is second to none. The care and attention paid to each woman in all stages - prenatal, birthing and...Read more
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    Errors and Omissions by Admin staff at Redcliffe Hospital.

    After a severe combined ankle & lower leg fractures in 2009 I've had 4 orthopedic surgical operations leading to an ankle fusion in Sep. 2012. The discharge summary required me to have follow up care including Physiotherapy. However the Physio staff were not advised by the Admin. staff. Luckily I have a functioning brain & self administered what I had learned from my previous post-surgery care much to the surprise of my Surgeon & all whom I know. The Orthopaedic clinical and surgery treatment was top notch. However I feel the Admin (SOPD) side of things seem to be a shambles...Read more
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    Where are the preventative, alternative and nutritional remedies?

    My experience of modern medicine is that they wait until a person has a serious illness then put them on a routine of pharmaceutical drugs to manage the condition. I have been told that asthma is incurable yet after 5 years using alternative therapies my asthma went away and that was 30 years ago, same with house dust allergies. I never used to be able to empty the vacuum cleaner or shake blankets without having an attack. The problem is that there is no emphasis on preventative medicine, or that the alternative system is written off as useless. There are many alternative and nutritional...Read more
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    Have your say on the funding arrangements for Chemotherapy Services!

    Do you have an interest in Chemotherapy Services? Then you may want to read on. CHF has been funded by the Department of Health and Ageing to consult with the Australian public on the 'Review of Funding Arrangements for Chemotherapy Services'. More information about the review is available here: . This consultation will try to determine how much the Australian Government should be paying to support the ongoing viability for chemotherapy providers. We would like to hear your views on: - The current funding arrangements for chemotherapy services...Read more
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    Can't big entertainment venues do better on nutrition?

    I just read the story about the Dietary Guidelines put out to help us all make better choices when it comes to food. I was at a big concert venue in Sydney last week and a few things struck me. Those amazing stats about how many of us are overweight aren't kidding... It's so easy to buy bad choices... and can be harder to buy good ones. After a 3 hour drive we wanted convenient food at the venue. Of course everything was at premium prices (ok, don't mind paying for convenience) but the choice was terrible. Hot chips, hot dog or some sort of burger were the main offerings. I did...Read more
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    Could smoking become a thing of the past?

    Results from the 2009 and 2010 Victorian Smoking and Health survey, conducted by the Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer at Cancer Council Victoria, has revealed that 53% of adults and 42% of smokers in Victoria believe that smoking should be banned within the next 10 years. More details are available in Quit Victoria’s media release: What is your view?Read more
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