About finding your way

This section provides information that we hope will help you find your way around Australia's healthcare system

For all emergencies: call 000

The OurHealth website can’t help with specific advice on your health or treatments, but it can help you find your way to organisations and information that might help you to better understand and manage your healthcare.

What can we help with?

We can help you find your way through the maze of healthcare and the maze of information available online by:

  • linking you to the National Health Services Directory (an Australian Government initiative) that helps you find public hospitals, emergency departments, local doctor services and pharmacies.
  • connecting you directly with consumer and community organisations that provide consumer friendly information, support networks and advocacy.
  • providing you with useful information, tips and resources that will help you work with your healthcare team, understand your healthcare rights and find reliable information that could help you with managing your healthcare.

We do not vet all information or take responsibility for its accuracy.  But we do chose carefully what type of information we provide on this website and which organisations we provide links to.

What we can’t help with?

  • We can’t help with emergency situations – dial 000.
  • We can’t help with specific health advice or treatment options.
  • We do not provide medical expertise, legal advice, personal advocacy or complaints handling.

Finding consumer and community organisations

The ‘Support Organisations’ page points you to some of the many national, state and local consumer and community organisations who work to improve healthcare for Australian patients, carers and their families. These include:

  • Organisations and networks with a disease or illness focus such as breast cancer, heart conditions, cystic fibrosis, arthritis etc
  • Specific groups within the community such as seniors, youth, families, carers. 

The consumer and community organisations featured in Find your way have been granted  Voting Membership of the Consumers Health Forum of Australia or meet the following criteria:

  • Australian, not-for-profit and incorporated as Associations or Company Limited by Guarantee
  • Have membership that is open to consumers or consumer organisations
  • Can elect consumers or consumer organisations to the governing body of the organisation and
  • Represent the interests of consumers on health matters rather than professional, provider or commercial interests, and/or
  • Provide consumer friendly evidence-based information (as evidenced by accreditation by HON (Health on the Net) or partnership in healthDirect), and/or provide consumer peer support services
  • Agree to fully support the aims and objectives of the Consumers Health Forum and the OurHealth website

Other links and useful information

The ‘You and the health system’ page is where you can learn more about the Australian health system. Here you will find links to information to help you work with your healthcare team, manage your healthcare and understand your healthcare rights.

Want to know more about medicines? How to make a complaint in your State? Want a useful guide to the questions you might ask your doctor? These are some examples of the information you will find in this section.