Moderation Policy

The Our Health Our Community website (OurHealth) is operated by the Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF). The purpose of the ourhealth ‘have a say’ discussion forums, polls and ideas wall is to allow health consumers (patients, their families and carers and people who may use health services in the future) to share their health care experience, issues and ideas with other consumers, consumer networks and consumer representatives to support more informed consumer advocacy and consumer input into health policy development.

All comments made on ourhealth are subject to moderation by CHFCHF does this in accord with the OurHealth Terms of Use.

Users of the website acknowledge that there may be a delay to allow for moderation and that publication of comments may not be immediate. CHF endeavors to moderate all comments within 3 hours of receipt, during business hours. (9.00am – 5.00pm AEST)

During moderation, comments are kept in a secure database accessed only by CHF and contracted service providers.

The moderator has the right to refuse or remove from the site, material of any user and/or cancel the registration of any user who in the moderator’s reasonable opinion makes a post that breaches the Terms of Use.  Examples include a post that may be:

  • defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or that violates laws regarding harassment, discrimination, racial vilification, privacy or contempt
  • intentionally false or misleading
  • an infringement of intellectual property rights or copyright
  • abusive, offensive or obscene
  • inappropriate, off topic, seeking to dominate discussion, repetitive or vexatious.
  • compromising the privacy of yourself, other contributors or of CHF staff, or containing inappropriate personal information
  • seeking to endorse commercial products or activities or to unduly promote commercial products or services
  • seeking to promote or share a personal website or blog (including blogs on third-party websites such as Facebook)
  • deliberate political persuasion
  • seeking to directly solicit donations
  • deliberate provocation of other community members
  • a posting on behalf of a suspended member

The moderator also has the right to edit, abridge, amend or otherwise alter any material submitted to the website and to block usernames that are deemed offensive, inflammatory, or inappropriate.

As a general rule, comments and posts will not be edited for spelling, grammatical errors, or quality of the post. Posts will be edited to protect the privacy of an individual or organisation or to protect from potential defamation, in which case names or comments may be removed by the moderator and replaced with symbols. Posts may also be ‘tagged’ or placed into comment categories for easy search.

In the event that the moderator edits, abridges, amends or otherwise alters a user’s forum posting, the moderator will indicate that edits have been made.

Publishing of any material published on ourhealth is at the sole discretion of CHF. Material may be deleted at CHF’s discretion.

The CHF may revise the Moderation Policy from time to time. Please Contact us if you have any questions, problems or feedback regarding the moderation policy on ourhealth.