Introduction to OurHealth

The views and experiences of consumers can tell a lot about what works and what doesn’t, and how healthcare could be improved.  It is our health - have a say.

What consumers – patients, their carers and their families – think about healthcare matters.  The views and experiences of consumers can tell a lot about what works and what doesn’t, and how healthcare could be improved. We hope this website will help you find your way to useful information and health services and that you will have a say on how healthcare could be improved. Your voice is important – it can help make a difference.

What is OurHealth?

Australia has one of the best health systems in the world, but it is complex and not everyone gets the care that they need.

One of the best ways to improve healthcare is to listen and learn from the experiences of consumers – the everyday Australians who use and pay for our healthcare system. That’s why the Australian Government asked the Consumers Health Forum (CHF) to help give consumers a stronger voice in health policy decisions, and that’s why we established this website, OurHealth.

OurHealth is here to help you find health information that will help you with your healthcare, and to invite you to ‘have a say’ about your healthcare experience and the way you would like it to change.

OurHealth also provides information and support for consumer advocates and consumer representatives – those people that participate on committees, advisory groups and reference groups to contribute a consumer perspective. Click here to visit the Consumer Representative section of the website.

How can I help improve Australian healthcare by contributing to this website?

Your experience with the Australian healthcare system and your ideas on how things could be improved are important.  Healthcare, after all, has to be about the health and experience of the patient. By sharing your ideas, issues and feedback on this website created especially for consumers, you can help consumer advocates and consumer organisations work for change that improves things for patients, their carers and their families.

What happens to comments I make?

Your comments will help build a picture of what is important to patients, carers and families.

This will be shared with other consumers, consumer advocates and consumer organisations to help make things better in healthcare. Your comments:

  • might help another consumer understand the health system, or find information that is helpful
  • might tell consumer advocates about an idea or a service that is working very well in your local community that could make a difference for another community
  • will contribute to an important knowledge base of consumer issues and experiences that can be used to improve healthcare for all Australians

All just by having a say.

It is important that you only make comments that you are prepared to share widely and without restrictions. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please register an appropriate username when agreeing to contribute to this website.

The conversation on this site is moderated by the Consumers Health Forum of Australia. This means that we reserve the right to remove, edit or not publish commentary that does not contribute to a constructive conversation on healthcare. Advertising and promotion of products or services is not permitted, nor is any commentary that may be libelous or offensive.  Read our full Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.