Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions section

We want to make it easy for you to ‘have a say’ in improving Australian healthcare. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What happens to the comments I make?

Your comments will be shared with other consumers, consumer advocates and consumer organisations to help make things better in healthcare. Your comments might help another consumer understand the health system, tell consumer advocates about an idea or a service that is working very well in your local community that could make a difference for another community or contribute to an important knowledge base of consumer issues and experiences that can be used to improve healthcare for all Australians.

I have a complaint, why can’t I post it on this website?

OurHealth is not a health services complaints website and CHF does not undertake personal advocacy.  If you have a complaint, these links will help direct you to the appropriate authority.

We are interested in what could be different about your healthcare experience so that healthcare improves.   We encourage you to describe the issues (without names) and what could have been done better.

Is this website moderated?

The conversation on this site is moderated by the Consumers Health Forum of Australia. This means that we reserve the right to remove, edit or not publish commentary we deem not to contribute to constructive conversation on healthcare.
You can report any comments that you believe are misleading, untruthful or offensive.

How accurate is the information on the OurHealth website forum?

The OurHealth forum is an online community where people share ideas, issues and healthcare experience. This might include news or stories from a local community that an individual thinks is worth sharing. We do moderate the discussion, but we do not vet all information or take responsibility for the accuracy of posts made to the OurHealth forum. 

What about privacy and security?

You are free to contribute to this site without using your name. You are required to agree to our Terms and Conditions, register a username that you choose and provide your Australian email address.

You can provide additional personal details via your OurHealth online profile whenever you choose and opt in or out of CHF notifications of opportunities to receive information or attend events.

Personal information should only be provided via your profile and never in general discussion.

Your online profile is accessed via a secure link that encrypts data sent between your computer and the website. CHF takes reasonable steps to ensure that personal data provided in this way is stored securely by our web host service. See our Privacy Policy.