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Questions you should ask to get care that’s right for you Doctor knows best - do you?
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Medicare co-payments will hit the most needy with no real benefits Here's why
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MEDICINES SAVINGS WE NEED TO SEE $500+ million more is possible HOW?

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  • What would you most like to know when you need to have surgery?


    You have the right to know all the information before you undertake medical treatment. Talk to your health care team, take a family member or friend with you to help out, and ask as many questions as you need to understand your treatment plan.

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Hear how the views and experiences of everyday people – consumers – can contribute to better health policy and a better health system for all Australians.

Latest news

Health Voices cover
The April ‘Health Voices’ journal has leading health system experts and others sharing their ideas on how to drive better value for the $160 billion Australians spend on health services and products...
The National Blood Authority’s new MyABDR smartphone app changes the way people with bleeding disorders, such as haemophilia, are able to monitor and treat their condition.
Erin - ECP
Health Workforce Australia would like to hear your thoughts about how comfortable you’d feel being treated by an Extended Care Paramedic rather than taking a trip to hospital.
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Start2Talk is a new website from Alzheimer’s Australia that helps people plan for future financial, lifestyle and health care decisions.
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MedicineList+ is a new app that helps people manage their medicines and record why they’re taking them.
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Police, policy makers, and health professionals are amongst a number of voices calling for action to address the impact of the misuse of alcohol.
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According to the latest report from the NHPA almost 40% (12,858) could have lived longer with better medical treatment.
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Today the Australian Academy of Science has launched its new Science Q&A app to help provide families with the best available information about immunisation.
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Do you care for someone with anxiety or depression? Seventy percent of carers report their health was worse as a direct result of being a mental health carer according to a report by the Mental...
Have you ever had an adverse drug reaction (ADR) when taking a new medication? Did you know that you can report it to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)?

Our Stories

male doctor talking to female patient
“Her empathy and reassurance took away my embarrassment. I felt cared for. I felt like a person, not an inconvenience.” A consumer story about ongoing care.
Taylor in her room telling her story
“I was so upset that he would pass away but I tried not to let it affect me… I tried to make every moment last” Taylor shares her story about her music loving brother Mitchell, losing him, and her...
Loraine and Martin
“Both Loraine and myself have been determined to retain a part of ‘who we are’ and ‘what counts for us’, and entwine our health journey into these plans.” Martin & Loraine have learnt and shared...
After a morning spent studying for his HSC exams, William Lo decided to do some chin ups while taking a break He was struck by a massive pain in his head. Watch William’s story…
Nicole & Michael
“At the time we were surviving day to day and I was so caught up in trying to be everything for him, and to be there for our children that I was not in a position to take on an underfunded system....
Terina and Graham
“This is my daily life, I am a real, live person and this is happening to me day in, day out…. While I’ve had this chronic condition, it appears all the doctors want me to have a certain amount...
A baker's hands kneading floury dough
Deb Wardle tells Paul’s story of helping to care for his friend Mick during Mick’s final battle with pancreatic cancer.
There’s a myth that talking about death and dying will get you there quicker. It’s not true. Talking about death and dying will get you there better. Nicole shares her story…
3 December is International Day of People with Disability. Congratulations to Robert Pask on his national award recognising “his remarkable determination and personalised approach, which has inspired...
Leonie Havnen shares her story of receiving a life-saving diagnosis and treatment, but also coping with the $40,000+ that she has had to pay above what has been covered by Medicare and insurance...