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    Something to say about eHealth?

    Take part in the PCEHR Review Consultation Online Survey at On 19 May 2014, the Federal Government released the Report from the Review of the PCEHR . The Review looked into concerns about progress in implementing the PCEHR system. The Review supports the ongoing operation of the PCEHR and makes several recommendations to make it work better. One of the recommendations is to change the PCEHR from an ‘opt-in’ system to an opt-out system where all Australians would have a PCEHR . The Department of Health is talking with people to get their...Read more
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    Storage of images, especially for the new e-Health Record (PCEHR)

    As a patient I used to be given hard copies of my images on film to take to the GP or specialist, but now the images and report are being provided digitally over the internet or on a CD . As the consumer representative on Government Diagnostic Imaging committees, I‘ve learnt that comparing new scans with previous images is indispensable for accurate assessment. Thus, as a patient with a history of cancer, it is essential that my doctors can compare my latest scans with previous ones when monitoring my health. That’s why, though I live in Canberra, I travel to Melbourne to ensure that my...Read more
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    Signing up for an eHealth record

    My husband and I decided it was time for us to sign up for the Personally Controlled eHealth Record so I googled PCEHR and found my way to the eHealth registration website. It was easy for me to sign up, but the problem came when we tried to sign my husband up. We stepped through the form but hit a block when we were required to provide an email address. The system wouldn't allow us to use my email (and that's the only one we use in our household) because it had already been used on my record. So we either had to start again via phone or create an email for my husband (which he is...Read more
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