Conversations about medicines and medical devices

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  • Zan's picture

    Animal Products in pharmaceutical medication

    As a vegan and someone who is allergic to animal products, I would like to know why pharmaceutical products do not currently clearly state whether or not the product is suitable for vegans. I am sick and tired (and so are my GP's) of having to scroll through the entire list of individual product ingredients, and many times over for each different product, only to find no product in a certain range of pharmaceutical medication suitable for vegans. On one occasion my GP (who is no longer) prescribed a product containing 'dairy' simply because he skimmed over the list in his hurry...Read more
  • CHF Team's picture

    Consumer input needed on new MBS items

    A number of new medical services, tests and procedures are being considered for MBS funding. These include a cardiovascular MRI , BRCA mutation test, and an MRI liver scan. The full list of services being considered is available here . Consumer input on these services is extremely important to help guide the decision for public funding. Often, the information that supports each application is very technical. Feedback from consumers can provide the ‘human story’ behind a particular condition and help the decision-makers understand how a particular medical intervention may improve health...Read more
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