Conversations about integrative medicine

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    Sick and tired of being left sick and tired due to poor treatment!

    I was first diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2012 after doing everything I could to lose weight with little success. I dutifully took the Thyroxine script that my doctor gave me for the next 18 months (increasing my dosage every 3-6 months) with only a few changes to my symptoms. In mid 2014, I took a 10 week leave of absence from work to travel. What should have been a rejuvenating holiday felt like hard work and I ended up spending at least one day out of every 3 weeks in bed all day recovering. While I was travelling I thought "there must be a better life than this" and so I...Read more
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    Integrative medicine

    Thanks very much to a contributor from our Facebook page for this comment - “The best changes we can make to our healthcare system is that of integrative medicine. Doctors and natural therapists working side by side, hand in hand, educating and empowering people to think wellness and to be healthy instead of attempting to get well when they are already ill. This is a change in perspective which empowers the client, the therapist and the doctor making integrative medicine a medicine of true health and wellbeing.”Read more
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