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    Can't move around or go anywhere

    I am an invalid, and I need a hip replacement, but it is taking a long time. I can't go anywhere or do anything and it feels like no one is doing anything to help me. It is very frustrating as I need help to get around, my wife needs to help me and when I stand it is too painful, so all I get to do is sit around doing nothing. I feel like a dog, that's not allowed to do anything. The doctors tell me I can't do this and I can't do that, and I can't do anything. It is very, very frustrating for me. All I want is a mobility scooter, but I can't afford one, and the...Read more
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    Physiotherapy and Pilates at Inner South Community Health.

    <p>I have had caring and professional help from both the physio -Nicky and the Pilates instructor which have improved my physical and therefore total outlook considerably - both have been very informative and am currently attending the Pilates class which has /is wonderful and which I wouldn't miss for anything.</p><p>I have had to have a couple of operations and I currently have an ongoing back problems so the exercises and information have helped me to get back to normailty.</p>...Read more
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    Outstanding care by nurse at Box Hill Emergency Department.

    <p>I came into Box Hill Hospital on by ambulance with my ward who had injured her hip quite badly. She was clearly upset and in a very large amount of pain. The first nurse who saw us was nice but as it was the end of her shift she handed us over to Liz. Without a doubt Liz was the best nurse we've ever had. My ward and I have had many visits to emergency over the last couple of years, but we have never had a nurse who was so kind, honest, and invested in my ward's care as Liz was. It can't be easy dealing with a young person who is in incredible pain and suffering...Read more
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    I only desire that my parent has a dignified, peaceful, pain free end in a supportive medical environment

    My parent is elderly, lives on their own in a small caravan, they are unable to care for themselves, is bed bound, in pain, immobile and has advanced Pancreatic Cancer spread to stomach, lungs, hip. They have had multiple litres of fluid removed from their lung cavities. The hospital staff have told me they will be released to their home, to fend for themselves, with minimal palliative care support. I do not live in QLD and have nowhere low cost to live to oversee their care at home. They have limited lifespan left and I only desire that they have a dignified, peaceful, pain free end in a...Read more
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    Hip Replacement due to haechromatosis

    I had a hip replacement at John Flynn Hospital. Tugun. The orthopedic staff and service was great I would recommend surgery there to anyone. They cared about me as a person not a number. My surgeon was second to none. Food was very average. Cant have everything. The physio worked with me and they had me ready to go home day 3. Excellent.Read more
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    The too hard Radiology et al machine beds

    I had an MRI early June and the bed seriously hurt me particularly one hip. Many people cannot tolerate such hard machine beds, those with bed sores, muscular skeletal diseases, MS etc. in an Ageing population this situation will only escalate. Research shows that up to 40% of patients cannot tolerate the hard beds, as the high pressure shunts blood flow away from areas of the body creating ischemic pain often resulting in injury or prolonged pain. Operators have to stop start or send patient home to come back another time which is stressful on patient. Costly on our system. The 2 staff on...Read more
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    Hip Surgery at Wakefield Emergency

    After damaging her hip, my wife decided to seek medical help from a medical centre. Saw a Doctor, had an X-Ray and was referred for surgery. Attended Wakefield Emergency on a Sunday Afternoon, was admitted and operated on before tea time. Could not be more pleased, nursing staff were kind, considerate and very helpful. The surgeon rang me at home before and after the operation, now that is service. My sincere gratitude and thanks to all members of the nursing fraternity at Wakefield Emergency.Read more
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    How an independent patient advocate made a huge difference to my health outcome.

    I was a client of Patient Advocate Sydney in late 2014. I have developed a need to be more informed about my health management. My advocate assisted me during a recent admission for a total hip replacement at a major Sydney teaching hospital (somewhere that you would expect state-of-the-art care.) as I am a single 70+ year old with no family living in Sydney. I’m in pretty decent health but some problems, not great medical language ability and often a bit intimidated by doctors. A friend of mine had used the advocate before. I would give the hospital 6/10. The anaesthetist did a pre-operation...Read more
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    Have you had an arthroscopic hip procedure?

    This procedure is currently being reviewed to ensure it is supported by up-to-date scientific evidence, provides value for money, and improves health outcomes. The Consumers Health Forum is keen to hear from consumers who have had this procedure so that we can ensure your views are taken into account in the review. We want to know: · Why you had this procedure done (e.g. because you had hip pain) · What health outcome did you most want to see improve as a result of the procedure? e.g. pain, range of movement, quality of life etc Your story is important! It will help shape a Government...Read more
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