Conversations about diagnostic testing

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    Ultrasound undertaken at GMF Kalgoorlie

    Found a lump in my breast and had a mammogram with Breast screen WA Mobile Van at Community Health in Leonora who were fantastic. They only visit every 2 years in rural WA. Phone call from Breast screen WA Perth to say go to GP to get an ultrasound done. I went to Kalgoorlie Public Hospital, waiting list was 1 month but they said we're sorry. Given I had family history, went to GMF private one in Kalgoorlie and said 1 month wait - I said I couldn't afford to go to Perth and was upset something was there. The sonographer spoke to me and said we'll fit you in today. Fantastic...Read more
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    A new resource to put pathology at your finger tips

    I am one of three consumer board member of Lab Tests Online-AU and also a long-time health consumer representative, with an interest in pathology and diagnostic imaging. In far too many cases, patients are handed pathology test forms and do not have a clue what the doctor is actually checking for even though more than 75 per cent of the decisions surrounding diagnosis and treatment are based on these tests. I want to bring to light a valuable resource - Lab Tests Online-AU - that will help all Australians better understand these pathology tests that are a part of routine healthcare, diagnosis...Read more
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    Type 2 Diabetes: The Genetic Trojan horse in HbA1c testing

    I have been a type2 diabetic for 27 yrs. I was hospitalised with ketoacidosis for 7 days. I was referred to an Endocrinologist, who told me to come back every 2 yrs. In the late 90's I began to notice high BGLs and would go to the GP, who would send me for a 12hr fasting HbA1c (A1c for short) test. Due to moving house etc I saw quite a few GPs. All told me that my A1cs were great control. When I asked for a referral back to Endocrinologist I was told I did not need one! As I got more lethargic, I couldn’t understand why I was continuously being told that I had great control. I decided to...Read more
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