Conversations about bowel

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    Confirming a procedure at Box Hill Hospital

    After waiting on a waiting list for months to have a polyp removed from my bowel, I received a date to be admitted to hospital but I needed to confirm by phone automated or email. As I need to take medication and have a liquid diet one day before, I wanted confirmation I was booked in I was told they do not confirm. So I do not know if I am booked in or not.Read more
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    I feel no one has the right to treat people the way they treated me.

    I was taken to Royal Perth Hospital with heart failure. The team that looked after me in ICU was brilliant, I couldn’t fault the doctor. However I can’t say the same about the orderlies that attended to me. One of them shouted at me in front of a nurse to get up, they were not going to do it for me. I had had heart failure and been in a coma, I was extremely weak. The nurse didn’t seem to intervene when the orderly shouted at me. It really made me feel low. Often I would see some of the orderlies just sitting around. It seemed to me they didn’t know my history and didn’t take it in to...Read more
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    My child's collapsed bowel

    My 9 yr old son was having severe stomach pains and wasn’t eating last year so I took him to our family GP. After looking over my son the doctor told me to take him straight to the emergency department at the Brisbane Royal Children's Hospital as he thought it might be his appendix. We were seen very quickly once we arrived. My son has a fear of hospitals and is not very willing to say when something is wrong. The doctor in the emergency department was only willing to talk to my son and I felt she wasn’t listening to what I was saying regarding his symptoms. The doctor asked him to stand...Read more
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    The time it takes to get a diagnosis for IBD

    I had months of constant abdominal pain and vomiting, losing weigh but I got told my symptoms where due to stress after a marriage breakdown. GP sent me to a Psychiatrist - who seemed to think there was nothing mentally wrong. I had to constantly ask for tests to find out what the problem was - couldn't get a referral to a specialist. Finally I got so sick I ended up in Emergency with about the 5th bowel obstruction in 12 months - off to surgery and I ended up with bowel resection due to Crohns disease that had caused a stricture that had closed the bowel down so nothing got thru. I got...Read more
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