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  • mgranger's picture

    Instant Patient info

    Provide health information including health promotion and health services availability on TV monitors in GP surgeries and hospital waiting areas.
  • thouse's picture

    Stop fiddling with the system

    Governments should stop fiddling with Medicare and private health insurance to give people certainty. Have all parties sign up to a Don't Touch manifesto
  • lashley's picture

    Health service mobile app

    A free downloadable app with info about your local health service, with opportunity to log in and check appointments, check waiting periods, or update your own personal medical details.
  • Whitecat's picture

    Free lunch! Improve eating habits at school

    Free healthy lunch for kids at school - that way they get at least one nutritional meal each day and a taste and some knowledge around healthy eating. Good investment in preventative health!
  • scarbury's picture

    Waiting at the doctors

    Why can't the receptionist routinely let you know how many patients are waiting before you to see the doctor when you check in?
  • mgranger's picture

    SMS Reminder

    My diabetes specialist has started to use SMS reminders for my appointment. What a great idea. When you have to go to heaps of different doctors appointments its hard to keep track of all the appointments
  • cthompson's picture

    Let us vote on what research gets done

    Every year a lot of money goes to research. It would be nice if everyday Australians could have a say on some of the research that gets funded. How about a citizen poll on research applications?
  • mcole's picture

    A nurse at every school with over 100 kids

    Let's have a nurse at every large school, especially in disadvantaged areas. They could provide 'at school' check-ups, family advice and weave preventative health into the school's activities. Small schools could receive regular nurse visits.
  • Whitecat's picture

    Free health checks for teenagers in Year 10

    Year 10 seems like a good time to make sure our teenagers get a check up. They have stressful years ahead at school, or might be heading into the workforce. We should make sure their health is on track and pick-up early on anxiety and depression.


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