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  • Valerie's picture


    To offset high hospitalization costs due to incorrect medications administered, blister packs should become a bulk billed Medicare rebate-able item.
  • Dr Lee Miena Skye's picture

    List of Healthcare Practitioners as Role Models for Students

    I would like to offer the suggestion of my GP, Dr ---, and he has agreed, as an excellent mentor for students in the essence of the AMA Code of Ethics. I hope we can use this forum for this purpose, to promote the growth of medical excellence.
  • Dr Lee Miena Skye's picture

    Compulsory Possession of AMA Code of Ethics for Registration

    I would like to see this happening as a monitored process for all healthcare practitioners, as in the USA. To ensure exemplary behaviour for the well-being of healthcare consumers. It is the norm for many other professionals in duty of care roles.
  • Lil APMA's picture

    Pain management is limited

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  • Jodiesjourneycom's picture

    A Support Network | Carers With Their Own Health Problems.

    Launch a support network, for parents/carers with serious or life-threatening diseases. The network would be a payment/service that assists these Australians to care for their families, whilst undergoing chemotherapy or treatment.
  • Jodiesjourneycom's picture

    Blood Cancer Alert System

    Get a nation-wide GP alert system in place to make more GP’s and specialists, medical staff more aware of the symptoms of Lymphoma and other blood cancers (Australia & later - the world).
  • Whitecat's picture

    Food manufacturers should work with preventative health agencies

    We need the manufacturers taking on some responsibility for improving nutrition.
  • ihutchens's picture

    Better information about complementary medicines

    There should be a label on complementary medicines saying they haven't been tested. Otherwise how will people know that they might not be tested independently?
  • ksmith's picture

    Proactive follow-up of non-returning patients

    When consumers don't return to healthcare providers, they should proactively follow-up (letter, call, SMS) to find out the reasons why. This would give the provider better feedback and the opportunity to provide options to the consumer.
  • rosiejones's picture

    Provide those with chronic illness information about how to register for the safety net

    People do not know their entitlements unless they are told.


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