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    Travel to the heart doctor

    <p>We are lucky in Fitzroy Valley to have Aboriginal&nbsp;Liaison&nbsp;Officer's (ALOs) who pick us up and find us for our appointments. Sometimes we get letters telling us to be at the hospital but its a long time away. Letters get lost, kids draw on them and we sometimes forget. Fitzroy ALO's are deadly!</p>...Read more
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    Need a review of the cleaning in isolation rooms.

    <p>I believe&nbsp;Broome Hospital is first class in patient treatment from medical staff. I have been a patient a few times. Just recently I was in isolation room for several days owing to immune system too low after Chemotherapy. To come into my room staff had to be masked and plastic aprons and strict hygiene of course. The first couple of days I was there, one cleaner came in and seemed to&nbsp;swipe at the wash basin and that's all I saw&nbsp;that was done in those days. After I said something to the staff, the cleaners came every day but seemed to have no concept...Read more
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    I believe Robina Respite is first class.

    <p>My son has stayed at Robina Respite twice now. It's the first respite I have used in forty years of caring for my son. I would highly recommend this service as I believe&nbsp;the staff are very professional. The house is clean and tidy and the care seems first class. I will continue to use it in the future.</p>...Read more
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    Midwife program

    <p>I joined the midwife program for my second pregnancy. It was just a positive experience. The midwives were amazing, flexible, knowledgeable and calming. I would highly recommend this program to all my friends and family.</p>Read more
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    Late night emergency staff rude, uncaring and unprofessional.

    <p>I suffered severe pain from Kidney stones and a slight rip to the Urethra so was transported to The Wagga Referral Hospital.</p><p>The pain was agonizing and all the staff dealing with me could do was seemingly&nbsp;squabble between the attending&nbsp;paramedics and the night staff as to whose responsibility it was when I stated that I needed to go to the ladies.</p><p>After that I was given Morphine which wasn't working, During this time I started being sick and was almost begging to get ice to sooth my throat from the continuous vomiting...no...Read more
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    Having trouble getting through to someone.

    My mother in law is dying. Trying to get Ward 6. 2 to pick up the phone for 20 mins but no answer. Have had difficulties trying to get info on her or even just to speak to anyone who knows what is going on. Extremely frustrated and disappointed.Read more
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    Lack of anaesthetic for a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy

    <p> A few&nbsp;years ago I had my first colonoscopy with Townsville Hospital, and they used twilight sedation. Needless to say it was very uncomfortable and traumatic waking up half way through a procedure to excruciating pain and discomfort while 5 people are staring at your arse and shoving something up, trying to force it around the bends and loops of the intestines. So this time round when I was booked in again for a colonoscopy plus an endoscopy, I called to confirm 10 days before to ensure that I would receive general anaesthetic. I was told that yes I was in fact on the list...Read more
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    Hedland Health Campus Emergency Department Staff care saved my life

    <p>I had an internal bleed that caused me to think I was having a heart attack, the quick response and diagnosis from the doctor and staff identified my condition related to unidentified internal bleeding and ordered for me to have a blood transfusion that stabilised my condition and saved my life.</p><p>Thank you for your quick attention and taking all precautions, staff going off shift came back to check that handover was sufficient and night staff were okay.</p>Read more
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    Smart Recovery group - Drug Arm, Ipswich.

    I started attending Smart Recovery meetings a few years ago, for help with alcohol addiction. Whilst I now have my alcohol consumption in control I still regularly attend meetings to help me stay on track, and retrain learned behaviour patterns. The facilitator of the group - Sharon - has helped me work through the issues that led to my drinking problem. I have learned to eat when I crave alcohol because the brain mistakes the calories in alcohol as hunger (such a simple step that actually works! ), to look for disconfirming evidence of distorted beliefs, to reframe difficult events in a more...Read more
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    Too noisy in day surgery

    <p>The care in day surgery was excellent however there is a lot of noise from the clinics which are positioned right beside day surgery where patients are either waiting for surgery or recovery post operation. I felt I couldn't properly recovery after my surgery due to the constant chat and noise from the clinics directly beside day surgery. There seems to be a lot of people traffic and constant noise due to 2 clinics which are beside a day surgery unit, which I think is inappropriate for patients recovering from surgery.</p>...Read more


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