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    Cold meals

    During a recent stay in acute care my father experienced cold meals at all meal times. A few were luke warm. Regardless Dad asked staff to 'zap' in the microwave when his meal was brought into his room...Read more
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    Respecting privacy and dignity.

    <p>After being admitted into acute care for 36 hours my father was transferred to Bendigo by Ambulance from Boort District Health (BDH). This happened during meal time in Loddon Place. As Dad was being wheeled out be Paramedics, my husband and I could hear 3 residents who sit adjacent to the fire doors say loudly - There goes another one? Who's going this time? Look it's (Dad's name)!</p><p>My husband and I were appalled and disgusted not only with the lack of privacy during such an even but also that my dad had now become the topic of public discussion over...Read more
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    Eastern Health Oncology Rehab

    <p>The Eastern Health Oncology Rehab program is fantastic. My strength and confidence has improved dramatically. I learned a lot of things from the lectures that I did not know before. It was nice to share with others what I had gone through. The staff are caring, thoughtful and very understanding. All in all a helpful and wonderful experience. I would highly recommend this program to cancer patients.</p>Read more
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    A wonderful public health nurse

    Di is amazing, she provides quick, discreet and thorough sexual health services and information. She provides a service I have never found anywhere, and I have lived all over the world. As a woman who takes her health and the health of her loved ones seriously I am so incredibly grateful for what Di does. She is discreet yet thorough. Kind, friendly and efficient. Di, thank you for doing what you do. I hope you have the opportunity to continue doing it for a long time to come.Read more
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    My experience of Sale Hospital Emergency Dept. in August 2016

    <p>As a cancer and chemotherapy patient living about an hour and a half drive south of Sale, but being treated in Melbourne hospitals, I had occasion to visit the E. D. of Sale Hospital when suffering a high temperature and a severe chest infection for help with my breathing.</p><p>I was taken in almost immediately, triaged and treatment started straight away by a team of happy, enthusiastic and excellent young nurses/sisters. One of these young ladies who stood out was Amy - first names were all I was ever introduced to.</p><p>I was tested for everything they...Read more
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    Inner South Community Health GP Service in South Melbourne

    Our patient is very happy that she has found an excellent bulk-billing GP close to home, however, she had an extended wait to see the Doctor which she was not so happy about. She reported this to us and we sat down with the Doctor and decided to change our short appointments from 10 to 15 minutes and long from 20 to 30 minutes. Since then we have reduced the delays (although not common) for all patients.Read more
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    Volunteering at Drug Arm Fairfield

    I started a few weeks ago having completed the training but not quite knowing what to expect. Based on feedback from other volunteers as well as the team leader, I now understand what Carl Rogers person-centred counselling means in practice (acceptance, congruence, empathy, vocabulary, attention) and how to maintain this part of the Drug Arm culture. Each counselling session I see and hear what a difference showing unconditional regard makes to client's perceptions and beliefs...Read more
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    Emergency room priorities

    <p>I went in with a bleeding head injury. Because we have two little kids my wife had to bring them with us.</p><p>The ER staff was horribly slow, could&nbsp;be process or habit to react. This much I can probably understand.</p><p>A bleeding head wound normally&nbsp;calls for quick checking, stitches, ear and eye check up to see if there are any internal brain damage. Pretty standard response (mind you, a pretty deep wound/ gash with constant bleeding). But I got no&nbsp;thing. Instead the staff sent me for foot xray! ! ! ! That too after I was...Read more
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    A wonderful night nurse at Cabrini Brighton

    <p>I was experiencing a lot of cramping after keyhole surgery. The new graduate on duty although very pleasant, was baffled by this occurrence. In the end, I googled my problem and gained some useful information.</p><p>When the night nurse came on she assessed the situation and provided me with wonderful care, including heat packs and warm blankets placed in such a way as to give maximum benefit. She had also been of excellent help the night before when I was just out of theatre.</p><p>Two ends of the spectrum - Perhaps there should have been more support for the...Read more
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    Very caring at Angliss and Alfred Hospitals

    <p>Referred to Angliss Hospital Respiratory Clinic and treated by very caring and thorough specialist who diagnosed condition. Once disease progressed to requiring bottled oxygen, respiratory nurses at Angliss Hospital organised necessary tests and paperwork for delivery. They also organised short term group pulmonary rehabilitation run by a Physio to improve fitness and better manage the disease. This also covered information sessions on various lung diseases and how best to manage them. I am now attending maintenance physio sessions to maintain a level of fitness while waiting for a...Read more


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