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    Different Hospital experiences. A shame.

    <p>I broke my wrist &amp; went into Kununurra Hospital. The staff there were wonderful, cheerful, friendly &amp; explaining things as they went. The X-ray staff, Dr Ann &amp; the nurses couldn't have been more helpful. Unfortunately they were not able to sort my wrist out (I don't know the technicalities) while I was under sedation so I had to fly to Perth the next day to Fiona Stanley Hospital. Dr Ann rang Fiona Stanley Hospital where the doctor said that they would operate on my wrist on my arrival in Perth. Dr Ann queried this with the doctor there reminding...Read more
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    Waiting times

    <p>Very short, but I can say unless I've gone in with chest pains I have had to wait no less than 4-8 hours in the waiting rooms of Bairnsdale, Sale and Latrobe Hospitals. It is for this reason that no matter how sick I am I just stay home and hope for the best.</p>...Read more
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    Experience at Maroondah Hospital.

    <p>I recently arrived home after yet another one of my many admissions to Maroondah Hospital and decided that it would be unfair on my part not to share my experience at the hospital. I am a chronic asthmatic and in patients like me, timely action is the need of the moment, a need which was well taken care of.</p><p>Ward #3/North was where I was treated and cared for. What a marvelous place indeed, with a bunch of caring staff who made me feel cared for and important! ! If not for them, I am sure my recovery would have been slower too.</p><p>While the ward is...Read more
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    Poor Treatment Emergency Department

    <p>Presented to Emergency Department of hospital at the direction of GP with chest pain and shortness of breath.</p><p>Placed in a plaster room seen briefly by 1st year medical student then left for over an hour with no follow up or monitoring.</p><p>End up leaving hospital to seek alternate care elsewhere.</p>Read more
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    I've recommended Drug Arm to my friends.

    I enjoy coming to my sessions and talking to the support workers. They've given me great feedback. I have better insight now into my problems. I've even recommended the service to my friends...Read more
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    Welcoming my first baby

    <p>As a staff member who has worked within an administration function at the hospital for the past few years I was beyond impressed with the service I received at Ipswich Hospital.</p><p>I welcomed my first baby this year and found the antenatal service beyond fabulous, I have to admit I was somewhat nervous as I had heard bad things but can say I was treated with respect and there was never a stone unturned, I was classified as a high risk patient and received every test to ensure baby and I were okay (95% of the time the staff were unaware that I was an employee).</p...Read more
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    Recent experience at A&E

    <p>I woke with pain one morning recently, it was obvious it needed attention. I contacted my local GP, was advised to go to A &amp; E. He would immediately send information to A &amp; E re my condition, suggesting that I will require urgent scans etc.</p><p>I live with my husband of 50+ years. He has been diagnosed with Metastatic Melanomas in both lungs, has had surgery, poor prognosis, no treatment available due to mutation.</p><p>On arrival at A &amp; E, I went to the front desk, confirmed details, explained the pain and discomfort I was feeling,...Read more
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    Can't move around or go anywhere

    I am an invalid, and I need a hip replacement, but it is taking a long time. I can't go anywhere or do anything and it feels like no one is doing anything to help me. It is very frustrating as I need help to get around, my wife needs to help me and when I stand it is too painful, so all I get to do is sit around doing nothing. I feel like a dog, that's not allowed to do anything. The doctors tell me I can't do this and I can't do that, and I can't do anything. It is very, very frustrating for me. All I want is a mobility scooter, but I can't afford one, and the...Read more
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    Our experience at Box Hill Emergency.

    <p>We went to a Medical centre first after my child's arm / wrist was severely injured - they were good - did x-rays but the doctor said it was a nasty one - two fractures and the bones had moved off the growth plate so would need pain killers and traction to get it back into place before plaster cast - he suggested Box Hill as they have orthopaedic staff.</p><p>So I rang Box Hill to find out if orthopaedic staff would be on at night - was told yes and we went to Box Hill around 7 pm. We were sent to "fast track" - which made us happy - we later found out that...Read more
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    The nurses and staff are very, very kind and caring all the time.

    I have found the care given by Boort District Health very good. The nurses and staff are very, very kind and caring all the time. I do find the open area of the new hospital a little daunting as there is no semi private area here. Surely some screens could be provided to section off parts of the lounge area at times. I would like to thank the staff for all their work.Read more


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