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    Housing NSW - Customer Service

    <p>Hi There,</p><p>A quick note to acknowledge and thank the customer service lady named Natalie at the Family and Community Services Housing NSW West Ryde office. I do not often write notes of thanks but feel a young person deserves encouragement and acknowledgement in what can be a difficult role.</p><p>I popped in yesterday to organise for some information and applications to further assist my brother who I care for in his quest for housing which he so desperately needs. She was attentive, polite and helpful listening and caring in her approach. She genuinely...Read more
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    More understanding of each other, happier at home and less stressed.

    <p>Lee was great. She was understanding, helpful, positive and made us feel at ease. Never did we feel like there was anything wrong with us as parents, or even with our children, which was a great relief. She was able to help us break down our goals and expectations and set ways to reach them as well as strategies that were easy to implement and keep up with and the follow up appointments were well spaced to allow us time to try. Lee was great if we needed more help too.</p><p>Overall we are all more understanding of each other, happier at home and certainly less stressed!...Read more
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    Drug ARM changed me

    The service was good. The counsellors at Drug ARM made me feel understood and were nice people. They constantly provided helpful advice and when it would not work in my situation, would then provide a variety of options and strategies as alternatives. The program changed me in a lot of ways and I've become a better person...Read more
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    Headspace helped me leave the house

    <p>A little while ago I developed an intense fear of leaving my home. I couldn’t even go on the balcony without experiencing panic attacks. I couldn’t breathe I was shaking. I had to drop out of my courses paying money and getting no qualifications out of it.</p><p>Headspace however has been helping me. They sent out people to my home at first to get me used to other people again. They eventually managed to get me enjoying going to their offices. They made it like a second home to me and I’m getting better every day. &nbsp;I’m hoping that one day the whole world will be...Read more
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    So grateful for the relationship with Midwife Group Program

    <p>Two weeks post the birth of my first child and I still feel so lucky that I was accepted into the Midwife Group Program (MGP) for care over the course of my pregnancy, birth and now home visits. My midwife, Vanessa, was amazing. It was such a privilege to have her for each of my check ups over the course of my pregnancy; the consistency in care and the trust it&nbsp;allowed me to develop with the one care provider was amazing. As a 30 something professional who had little idea about pregnancy, birth and looking after a baby, The MGP was amazing with helping to fill the gaps,...Read more
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    Much needed service for this area

    Ayr Rehab service at Burdekin Community Association, very thorough. I am very pleased with professional service and pleasant surroundings. Good equipment and mostly dedicated staff. Hope this service continues to operate, a much needed service for this area.Read more
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    I could not say enough praise for you all

    <p>My recent stay in Geraldton Regional Hospital (Room 4) was a great experience. All the doctors, nurses and general staff I saw were caring, helpful and always attentive. The whole hospital seemed to run like a well oiled machine - attention to detail amazing.</p><p>I could not say enough praise for you all.</p><p>Thank you all so much, from a very grateful ex-patient.</p>Read more
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    Should a head injury be a priority when doing triage?

    <p>My child had a head injury. We had to go to Rockingham Hospital. After arriving in the early evening it took 1 hour to see the triage nurse, another 2 and a half hours for an x-ray, then after complaining that the service was terrible, we were seen another 3 hours later.</p><p>That hospital did not seem to care that my child had a head injury. Had been punched and fell and hit the ground. Not once did the triage nurse take the temperature or pulse - only gave panadol and nurophen. The swelling and pain was getting worse and no one came to check on us.</p><p>I...Read more
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    Abandoned by GP when I became too sick to leave home

    <p>I have a progressive neuro-immune disease. My GP, told me that he'd be able to come and see me at home when I became too sick to come to the practice. (I'd been a patient of these&nbsp;GPs for more than 20 years).</p><p>When I was too sick to leave the house, I rang and asked for an appointment. The receptionist told me he didn't do home visits. I left a message for the GP as this was different from what he'd told me. I was told again that he would write me another script for the medication he'd been prescribing but he wouldn't come and...Read more
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    Bad experience when bring my baby for blood tests.

    <p>I brought my baby (around 6, 7 months) to the Pathology in Knox Private hospital to take blood to test the iron level. Firstly, my baby was very calm and very cooperative when the nurse tries to take blood from the vain in the arms. Not much blood taken so they decided to do a small cut on the heel to squeeze out the blood. My baby started to feel pain and cried. I did feel the nurses were confused when they saw the baby was in pain and cried. But I kept very calm to calm my baby down and told the nurse to take enough blood. When they were still hesitating and questioning each other...Read more


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