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    Day surgery treated very well

    <p>Only been in the day surgery area of this hospital and only once, but I was treated very well, very efficiently and speedily. I explained my problem to the anaesthetist prior to admission and he was very helpful, dealing with the problem with care and consideration. </p><p>Thank you.</p>Read more
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    Geralton Hospital

    <p>I arrived at the Geraldton Hospital via ambulance. I was kept in the Emergency Department until 430am and was then transferred to the ward. I was on the ward for 4 days and in that time my bed was not made or the sheets changed and my water glass was not changed. I was also kept in the discharge lounge for 4 hours which appeared to be a long length of time.</p>Read more
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    Nothing but bad experiences

    <p>I have been an inpatient at this facility 3 times in the last 10 months. Nothing but bad experiences each time. I was discharged the first time with an infection I picked up there due entirely to appallingly low levels of hygiene.</p><p>On every admission I was repeatedly given wrong meds at wrong times and told just take them. Down the toilet they went.</p><p>On my last discharge the schedule 8 drugs I was required to hand over, were stolen. Remarkably, when I told them I was calling police, they were found.</p><p>Being in the health industry, I...Read more
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    Birth services in Broome

    <p>I had a fabulous experience using the midwife group practice to support my pregnancy and labour. I'd like the WA Health Department to better support women's rights and choice in labour and bring in the option and support for both home and water births. Women need to be able make a choice that's right for them. Birthing is an age old ability and by only having the option to birth in hospital the experience becomes too clinical and sterile. Going to the hospital is something that is done when you're unwell. There is no reason also why a water birth shouldn't be...Read more
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    Care my mum received in Eastern health Victoria

    <p>My very elderly mum was taken to Box Hill Hospital...She has multiple things wrong with her.</p><p>She received good care and I really appreciate the help from the social workers/doctors etc. from Eastern health in transitioning her to the next step.</p>Read more
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    Drug Arm Australasia, Fairfield

    I feel like it's a safe space. It feels good to be heard and to get the knowledge and support. I'm grateful to Drug Arm. Drug Arm should be more publicised. It's not as well known as it should be...Read more
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    Gratitude for the treatment by all connected with my heart attack and recovery.

    From the moment that Ambulance Service became involved, through the transportation to Box Hill Hospital and the dedication of the Emergency personel, both doctors, nurses, radiographers, cardiology staff, it was apparent that I was indeed fortunate. The information that was being constantly provided, all contributed to my recovery and rehabilitation. The home visit by the cardiology nurse, the arrangments for attendance at Eastern Health (Wantirna) Rehabilitation and the exercise and information provided is a credit to all concerned. The care and concern by staff when I experienced an event...Read more
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    Day surgery

    Recently went to Yarra Ranges Health in Lilydale, Victoria for day surgery as a public patient. Very professional and excellent care. From admission to leaving was handled thoroughly. All information was checked and double checked as to whom and what was being done. From the admission nurse, then the theatre nurse, the surgeon and the anaesthetist, and finally the after care nurses. All were very personable and showed genuine care. The theatre nurse and the anaesthetist, both had time for a one on one personal chat and showed genuine interest. Very happy with the service provide here.Read more
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    Drug Arm was very caring

    I was very happy with Drug Arm support workers. They were very caring and non judgmental. I was able to open up with my story with them without feeling ashamed. I felt very supported by the workers.Read more
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    Box Hill Outpatients

    <p>Last week I attended Box Hill Hospital outpatients with my toddler for a followup appointment after surgery. Less than 24 hours earlier we received a voicemail message asking us to bring a referral from our GP. There was no way we could get to the GP before the appointment and the GP really has nothing to do with this case. Eastern Health performed the surgery and Eastern Health asked us to come back for a followup appointment. It seems a waste of time and resources to take the toddler to a GP for a referral when we are already in your system. The receptionist at outpatients told me...Read more


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