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    Family Drug Support

    <p>My story begins back in 2011 whereupon I sought help from Lives Lived Well (then Gold Coast Drug Council); for my teenage grandchild &amp; their struggles with their parents' drug use, family issues &amp; other substance abuse, including their own.</p><p>Tracey, from the YODA (Youth outreach Drug Alcohol) Program, came on board to help support my grandchild, myself &amp; family.</p><p>Over the past several years, Tracey, now coordinating the Coomera Healthy Living for Youth (CHLY) Program; has remained a constant source of support to my...Read more
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    Treatment at Maroondah Hospital

    <p>I had severe pain in my left arm, wrist and across my shoulder and up into my neck and at 74 you tend to at least check it out. I went to where the after hours clinic was and found it not only closed but gone! ! ! Apparently 2 months ago.</p><p>After some minor research I found out Eastern Health had opened up an after hours clinic just a fortnight ago. Thank goodness. However I also discovered that they had had no patients because none of the locals knew they were there.</p><p>The doctor on duty suggested I ring the ambo's because he wasn't happy...Read more
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    Oncology staff at Townsville Hospital.

    <p>I have recently been treated for throat cancer through the Oncology Dept at Townsville Hospital. I have the highest praise and regard for every staff member I came into contact with - from the friendly receptionists, volunteers, radiology staff, speech therapist, dietitian, physiotherapist, radiation nurses to the Oncology Specialists. Each and every person was so caring and professional in their advice and treatment - I felt very well informed and well looked after. They all greeted me by name each and every visit and I felt that I could call them if I needed to. These people...Read more
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    Chest infection

    <p>The patient had a chest infection. She was sent home from hospital after a week and her GP was to take over her care. Unfortunately, the GP decided for whatever reason to take her off antibiotics and discontinue treatment without ever bothering to do an x-ray. Mind you this is the night after a doctor to the home advised her to take new antibiotics or return to hospital. Your mother is well is a phrase was repeated to me several times - two days before almost a litre of fluid was surgically removed from her lung.</p>Read more
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    <p>I have found that the Patient Assisted Transport Team at the Broome Hospital to be very efficient and accommodating. They have always been prompt and friendly when assisting me with booking my travel and accommodation when attending medical appointments in Perth. Thank you Broome PATS.</p>Read more
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    <p>These are purely suggestions. The person I was caring for had very good service. My first suggestion is that a proforma be created to help a carer transfer information &amp; knowledge. This is to be used in emergency, to be used when the person is transferred to a ward. It seems that all the information that I handed over on the person I was caring for. Did not get onto the ward. This is to be expected when the person could have had numerous shifts of medical staff through &amp; different carer's in. </p><p>Just a quick one, with meal time information, which...Read more
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    Eastern Health HARP

    <p>Rita has been most professionally treating me since the early this year. Her attention to detail has been most complete. Rita has introduced me to the services of Claire and Sue. My condition since being introduced to HARP (Hospital Admission Risk Program) has been dramatically improved. For this, I am most grateful. I now feel very able to continue the control of my condition. Love and kisses.</p>Read more
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    Our child's diagnosis with epilepsy, due to focal cortical dysplasia, and our resulting journey so far...

    <p>G'day.</p><p>The short version of our story is this.</p><p>Our child started having small episodes about four weeks ago. Two GP trips led to a PMH (Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth) emergency trip, which led to being admitted for the better part of a week. Our child was diagnosed with epilepsy, due to focal cortical dysplasia.</p><p>We were discharged, only to be readmitted a little over a week later when the first round of medications didn't work. Another almost week long stay, more tests, new medications, more tests, another change in...Read more
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    My experience at the Emergency Dept.

    <p>Recently I was sent to the emergency department at Royal North Shore Hospital by my GP as my ultrasound report was not good and she was too worried for me to wait to see my regular specialist. Everyone from the triage nurse and other staff on duty, junior doctor treated me very well, apart from the main Gynaecology doctor who was the most important decision maker for me that day. I did not feel respected from her at all. She asked me questions so quickly that I did not have any time to think about the answers and she did not listen to me properly either. I didn't feel much at...Read more
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    MGP program at Box Hill Hospital

    We were a part of the Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) program at Box Hill and were very impressed with the care and support provided by our midwife and the MGP team. The antenatal visits and the MGP information session were thorough and prepared me well for birth and going home early. My midwife was fantastic during the birth. She was patient and supportive and provided the right balance between letting the birth take it's natural course and intervening with some suggested positions and pain management techniques when I had trouble during the second stage. I also had a lovely experience...Read more


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