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    Waiting time at Mater Public Emergency (Brisbane).

    Wife fell and knocked herself out in the middle of the night and starting convulsing. Once she came round took her to mater public emergency at around 1am. It took 1.5hrs before we actually got a bed and someone examined her. They then said they will have to do a scan before they release her. 7 hrs later scan was done. 3hrs later finally released. That is just not good enough, I think if it had been serious after 10hrs she could have been dead. My mistake for going to public in middle of night instead of private.Read more
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    Ongoing back and neck pain.

    After years of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Acupuncture, Massage therapists & Nurafun, I asked my doctor to refer me to a muscular skeletal specialist. I thought there must be an answer to the ongoing pain & discomfort & hoped a specialist practitioner could help. The treatment involved more anti inflammatory medication & anesthetic injections into the local area of pain. I thought I would be in for a more specialist/proactive treatment & consequently did not return. I didn't feel inclined to pursue this situation with my GP in case he was offended at the feedback...Read more


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