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    Canberra emergency department

    <p>I presented yesterday to the The Canberra Hospital&nbsp;emergency ward with a fairly severe stomach bug. On a busy public holiday the attention I received was courteous, caring and prompt. In particular, the nurses in the ED department once I was admitted were wonderful. They were able to and did explain what was happening, how long I might be there and how I should look after myself after I was discharged.</p>Read more
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    Townsville Hospital ED and Children's Ward

    <p>My baby old was admitted for 5 days for bronchiolitis and had to be fed through a nasogastric tube. The wonderful nurses in ED were quick to organise a breast pump to ensure that my baby would be fed my expressed milk. I mentioned while in the children's ward that I had a few questions and a lactation consultant visited me soon after. She was fantastic and helpful and made me feel very confident in my abilities to express and to continue feeding once my baby had recovered.</p><p>I also had exceptional support from several nurses in ED (paeds day shift) while making...Read more
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    Hand surgery

    <p>Day surgery for my partner for a broken hand bone - that part went ok - but when we left and had been told that we would have a call to get the plaster cast slab off (whole forearm! ) Maroondah failed in the biggest of ways! </p><p>My partner tried to call them, only to be passed from person to person, who had no idea what they were doing. Finally get to when my partner should have had their slab removed from their hand, but gets no call. Calls them and gets stuffed around again, passed to voicemails and people that have no idea what they were talking about. Completely...Read more
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    Aged care

    <p>Joan, a carer at Esperance Aged Care Facility is simply wonderful with the elderly residents she supports. She is willing to listen and tries to really understand if any resident is in any way upset. I think Joan is worth her weight in gold!</p>Read more
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    Esperance District Hospital WA

    Naomi in ED was simply wonderful with a 60 year old woman with an intellectual disability I support who was very distressed during a recent ED visit. I was very impressed by her quick grasp of the situation and that she handled it with compassion. We are very lucky to have some outstanding nurses in Esperance... one of who is definitely Naomi.Read more
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    Box Hill Maternity - Know Your Midwife.

    <p>Recently I had my first baby at Box Hill Hospital. We were fortunate to be accepted into the Know Your Midwife Program and had Vanessa as our key midwife. Our experience was outstanding and would recommend it to any of our family and friends. The consistency in care with the same Midwife and the relationship that was built was invaluable. I really appreciated having one person giving me consistent advice and took on board everything that was recommended.</p><p>When we went into labour we were able to call Vanessa and get advice of when to come into hospital and to meet...Read more
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    Operation at Ipswich Hospital

    <p>I just wanted to commend all the Staff at the Ipswich Hospital for their excellent service and caring nature during my recent Day Op.</p><p>Dr Shashank and his team of professionals were AMAZING! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !</p>Read more
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    Speech therapy

    <p>My child and I have been attending speech therapy (and occasionally occupational therapy) sessions for the last 5 years roughly. Today we were signed off saying we are age appropriate now. </p><p>Our experience in these years have been nothing but full of support, advice, encouragement, these girls had the most loving/caring attitude for the patients (kids). </p><p>Over the years we've had quite a few girls, I hate that I cannot remember everyone's names (5 years worth of fabulous ladies is a bit much to remember) even though they were all amazing...Read more
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    My Day Procedure

    Went in and had a small operation. Had nothing but good experiences from all of the nurses and doctors. Everyone was kind, helpful, professional and kept me informed at all times.Read more
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    Timing of appointments.

    <p>I am employed in building trades. We are expected work Monday to Friday 7am to 3pm. So coming to a day appointment means I lose half a day wages. Even the last appointment at 3: 30pm is unsatisfactory because my travelling time is greater than 30 minutes.</p><p>The obvious solution is to offer me an appointment late in the day,&nbsp;e.g, 4. 30pm/5pm. I was told that this is not possible with current work arrangements because the office is closed.</p><p>I was benefiting from the appointment, but I can no longer afford the loss of pay as my partner is having...Read more


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