Rural and remote

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    Doctors indifference?

    I have been a nurse for over 20 years. I have nursed so many people, I have a great deal of empathy. I work in a small rural hospital that does not have a doctor on site overnight, so we rely on a regional hospital to take calls so Drs are always woken up and disturbed, probably very tired and fed up with petty calls. I feel that many patients are patched up with pain relief and sent home, when they could be reviewed earlier. Has that caring side of Drs gone, is it all about the money?Read more
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    Your father needs an ultrasound of his heart but this hospital does not have a heart ultrasound machine.

    Diana has shared her story with ABC Open about problems accessing appropriate healthcare in rural and remote Australia. Open Drum would like to hear your stories about being crook in the bush. You can share with them at Have you had an experience with accessing medical devices, diagnostics or treatment in your local area? Have a say!Read more
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    Unafforadble Rural/Remote Health Care

    As a Pensioner (Disability) who lives in a rural/remote area with no access to public transport, I find it harder and harder each year to afford the travel costs just to visit my GP. And on top of this the Government (both Labor and Liberal/National) not only want to remove as many people as they can from the Disability Support Pension on to a Newstart Allowance (some $200 dollars a week less, and also the loss of free or reduced motor vehicle registration - some $700pa, electricity, rates, State Parks concessions, etc), but they want to introduce a co-payment to even visit the GP, plus for...Read more
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    Angel Fight terrific!

    I am an old aged pensioner, I was transported from Hay to Sydney for cancer treatment. The Angel Flight organised by the staff at the Hub in Hay was just terrific as past trips to Sydney have been a disaster. The most recent disaster was missing the bus hookup with the train. The trip took 24 hours from Hay to Sydney. The Angel Flight was so welcome. With ThanksRead more
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    palliative care

    My Dad was admitted to a public hospital from aged care facility on his wife's insistence. Dad had diagnosis of dementia had major weight loss not recognised by facility. The metropolitan public hospital following tests diagnosis of lung cancer. Dad was not eating or drinking not stating pain but sayig he was not good. While observing cares Dad would moan and groan on movement. Consultation with doctor,social worker and discharge planning nurse it was decided that Dad would go back to aged care facility after a visit from the aged care team. They stated when Dad became palliative the...Read more
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    Remote area

    I am a 55 year old Pensioner, and I live alone. I got bad arthritis, a hernia near my heart, Psoriasis, and I also attend a cancer clinic. My problem is I live at Somerset Dam, and my appointments are at the PA hospital. I cannot use the ambulance services as most times my appointment in the afternoon, and the ambulance services only travel in the morning. So I drive myself. As it is along way from home to the PA, and the cost of petrol, most time I had to cancel my appointments because I could not afford the petrol. I due to have a MRI on the 24th of this month, then back in to the cancer...Read more
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    Trouble accessing specialist skin services in rural & remote areas?

    Do you live in a rural or remote area? Find it difficult to access private specialist skin services? Medicare funding is currently being considered for a service that will make it easier for consumers living in the bush to get advice from a specialist dermatologist for skin issues such as skin cancer management, eczema, psoriasis and acne. Here’s how it will work: Consumers with a skin problem will see their GP , Nurse Practitioner or Aboriginal Health Worker. Photos will be taken of the skin problem and sent electronically to a specialist dermatologist, along with a medical history and...Read more
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    Adelong Men's Shed - Murrumbidgee Medicare Local

    A few months ago our Men's Shed held a pit stop. I checked out OK except for weight, had a blood test in and came out of that was something not right with my liver so had a scan and found my liver was 5cm too thick. Doctor said I had a fatty liver and had to lose weight - so no alcohol, no sugar, no diary products. I had to acheive a certain weight. This was in May - by November I have acheived it. Doctor and everyone happy...Read more
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    Always followed through with Rural Primary Health Nurse at Murrumbidgee Medicare Local

    We met Sarah through an interagency meeting hosted by our local council. Sarah's enthusiasm and natural warmth struck me straight away. My conversations with Sarah always ended with her offering to asist in whatever way she could. But the best thing was she always followed through and got back to me with the answers or supplies I needed or how to find them. Sarah is now someone I feel is part of my assistance team, someone I can call on for help...Read more
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    Rural Primary Health Nurse Murrumbidgee always there when they needed.

    I have had trouble with my heart and have sleep apnea. All the Rural nurses have been wonderful, Richie, Debbie and Belinda. They are always there when needed and are doing a great job. My wife can ring them at any time day and night, no end of help, always there. They solve problems that I can't. Nothing is a bother, even getting me a medical machine that I needed. They are lovely people in and of themselves and I am very impressed by them. It's just a shame the system hasn't been around longer...Read more
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    Health talks with Murrumbidgee Medicare local is brilliant.

    Sarah comes once a month, to the coffee shop and we have a health information discussion. Both my husband and I attend. Sarah is so giving of her time and we really appreciate it. More people are coming to the morning tea day. We started off with only 6 or so people, now overl 17 people come. It is really good for those people who don't always get out. As soon as anyone new arrives Sarah is there to greet them. She is really enthusthic and is a gold mine for the village. She never speaks down to us, but gives great information. I highly recommend it to everyone...Read more
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    Ultrasound undertaken at GMF Kalgoorlie

    Found a lump in my breast and had a mammogram with Breast screen WA Mobile Van at Community Health in Leonora who were fantastic. They only visit every 2 years in rural WA. Phone call from Breast screen WA Perth to say go to GP to get an ultrasound done. I went to Kalgoorlie Public Hospital, waiting list was 1 month but they said we're sorry. Given I had family history, went to GMF private one in Kalgoorlie and said 1 month wait - I said I couldn't afford to go to Perth and was upset something was there. The sonographer spoke to me and said we'll fit you in today. Fantastic...Read more
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    Well being group set up by Rural Primary Care Nurses from Murrumbidgee Medicare Local.

    I am in a small town with a doctors service one day per week. I find having access to a Primary Care Nurse in this area a great benefit. She has established a Well Being Group here where we can discuss health and well-being concerns with her. She acts as a type of triage - encouraging a visit to the WMO or gives explanation re concerns. Also the group brings women together - so automatic discussion takes place, and in many cases fears are allayed, and a visit to the busy EMO is not needed. Another part of the program is the formation of a Tai Chi Group for older women, plus helping to keep...Read more
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    Great care and service in at Ballan (in the country!)

    I presented at Ballan District Health and Hospital Community centre with chest pain and even though the service was very busy (all the waiting rooms were full and overflowing) the staff at reception prioritised me, called straight through to a nurse who presumably stopped what she was doing and took me immediately through to a room and asked me questions about my chest pain. She informed me she wanted to discuss with this a doctor and then popped out to have a chat with a GP who, despite appearing busy stopped in to see me between his patients and advised the nurse to conduct an ECG. Once...Read more
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    The results from our 'Telehealth in rural and remote areas' survey are in

    On 29 January 2013, the Consumers Health Forum (CHF) was invited by the Rural Health Education Foundation to participate in a live panel discussion on different telehealth models; myths and misunderstandings; and the difference telehealth is making to consumers, patients and practices. So we could share the views of consumers in this panel, CHF released a survey to measure views and perceptions of telehealth in rural and remote areas. The results from this survey were mixed. Here’s the good news! Ninety percent of survey respondents have heard of telehealth and teleconsultations and over 50...Read more
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    Heart Attack Care: the good and the not so good

    I (60 year old) recently suffered a heart attack in Toowoomba (QLD). The acute care and treatment I received from my local GP, the Toowoomba Hospital, Queensland Ambulance and the PA Hospital in Brisbane was excellent and I am most grateful for the quality of the health care I received (I was stabilised in Toowoomba on a Monday, transferred to the PA on the Tuesday for an angiogram, fitted with one stent on Wednesday and back home for recuperation on Thursday). However there we're a couple of 'patient journey' issues with my experience. First, I was not told by the Toowoomba...Read more
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    Women's Health Webinar

    On behalf of the women of our Shire I would like to commend Judy Reid of Murrumbidgee Medicare Local for organising for us to be part of the Jean Hailes Webinar on Women's Health last Wednesday evening. The title was "Fifty Shades of...midlife and mood." and it was an excellent evening. I believe health education is so important to all women but particularly so to those who live in rural areas where it is not so easy to attend activities in the larger centres. I do hope there will be many more of these occasions...Read more
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    Access and connection to services

    In conjunction with the Primary Health Nurse in Boorowa, Boorowa Council offered a 'Healthy Breakfast' for its staff including health screening conducted by the Australian National University Rural Medical Society. The Primary Health Nurse also arranged hearing tests by Hearing Australia. These services would likley not have been provided to Council staff without the assistance of MML (Murrumbidgee Medicare Local)...Read more
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