Private health insurance

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    All very seamless at Geelong Private Hospital

    After going to the GP with symptoms of a chest infection, and shortness of breath I was diagnosed with a heart rate of 173 b/min. Also on my mind was a blood clot in the lung given my previous history. I chose to go to Geelong Private Hospital as a direct admission which proved very convenient. When I arrived at the hospital I was shown to the Coroney Care unit and put straight into a bed. My nurse hooked me up to a heart monitor and the hospital doctor arrived promptly and examined me …… all very seamless. Staff spoke to me right throughout the process and I felt very informed and involved...Read more
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    Extremely costly Achilles Tendon

    Whilst playing netball on a Saturday, I ruptured my Achilles Tendon. I attended John Flynn Hospital and underwent surgery the following day. The night before, the NUM phoned to say that I would need to pay $3000 prior to the surgery as John Flynn had not been able to confirm my private health insurance. I opted to do this, as I had paid for hotel accommodation to avoid travelling two hours home and was keen to have surgery asap. The next day, about 15 minutes before surgery. The NUM came to advise that I needed to pay an additional $5000, making the total $8000. It has taken over 3 months to...Read more
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    Why am I paying for private health insurance but not being treated like a private patient?

    My GP recommended me to Shoalhaven Hospital for a procedure because he believed they deal better with diabetes than other hospitals. My GP took the time to carefully pick the doctor for my procedure. When I presented to the Shoalhaven Hospital I gave them my private health insurance membership card. I also saw a list that said private rooms were given as first to those who really needed their own room and second to privately insured patients. I was put in a room with 3 other people, one who I think, from the things I heard, had Golden Staph! I had keyhole surgery, which went on to then...Read more
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    Private Health Insurance - have your say!

    CHF is currently looking to gather consumer views on the availability and ease of accessing reliable and useful information on Private Health Insurance. Our survey ( PLHQGWJ ) asks some basic questions about your experience in looking for information on Private Health Insurance. Your answers and experiences will guide our policy & advocacy work in this area. The survey is aimed at people over the age of 18 and should take about 10 minutes to complete. If you would like to discuss the survey or our work on Private Health Insurance please get in contact with...Read more
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    Have you ever compared your options for Private Health Insurance?

    CHF is gathering consumer views on the availability and ease of accessing reliable and useful information on Private Health Insurance. Our survey asks some basic questions on your experience in looking for information on Private Health Insurance. Your answers and experiences will guide CHF ’s work in this area. You can take our survey here. For more info about Private Health Insurance visit the ACCC website at , check out the government website , or visit the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman for...Read more
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    Outstanding maternity service

    C-Section seemed to go so well and the staff I saw seemed to make sure I didn't experience any discomfort at all - I never felt any pain the whole time I was in the hospital. Loved how much attention I received from all the different midwives that attended me, as it was my first baby and she was delivered by C-section. I was very comfortable in my huge private room, which was well-sized for visitors, too. The staff I saw made sure that by the time I took baby home I was very confident in my ability to care for my newborn...Read more
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    Medical tourism to reap big savings on healthcare?

    Private Health Insurer NIB has recently announced that it will soon be offering surgical packages for Australian Health consumers interested in travelling to Asia for medical procedures.… Medical tourism as it is known, is a growing global phenomenon and it is estimated that this is a $100 billion industry globally, growing at a rate of 20 per cent to 30 per cent a year. There are suggestions that more $300 million is being spent by Australians overseas for medical procedures. Increasing out-of-pocket costs, long waiting lists and...Read more
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    Blatant incorrect Health Insurance Policy Advertising

    When we signed up with the Bupa Active Saver policy we studied it all plus Bupa provided us with their Active Saver Hospital Cover summary sheet sheet which can be seen as publicized here This Active Saver summary sheet says quite clearly that there is zero gap plus the co-payment for hospital day surgery is $100. It also says that we should check with our health insurer. We tried several times to contact Bupa, but their hospital information section is closed outside of normal working hours. We also tried their website but the relevant...Read more
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    Do you use your private health insurance to access alternative therapies?

    What do you think about the announcement in the 2012-13 Budget to exclude alternative therapies from private health insurance rebates unless there’s evidence to show they’re clinically effective? ( ) Do you use your private health insurance to access alternative therapies?Read more
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    Care is least affordable when you need it most

    In a Medicines discussion, ewong raised an important point about health insurance - just when you need it the most, may well be the time you can afford it the least. We are interested in what others have to say about private health insurance, please share your views. Here’s what ewong had to say: 'Yes. I’d like more information from my doctor, too, about how I can take less medicine. This week the car registration was due and the electricity. I’m on a pension, so I get my medicines cheaper but they still add up. I didn’t renew my health insurance this year – I just couldn’t afford it. I’...Read more
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