Preventative Health

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Help improve Australian healthcare! By sharing your health experiences and ideas, you can help consumer advocates and consumer organisations work for change that improves things for you, patients, carers, families and communities. 

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    Learnt alot!

    It was a very informative health programme, i.e. the little card given out about sugar, calories, fibre, etc. I learnt not to punish myself if I didn't do the right thing every day but to get back on track the next day. I lost about 4kg with not much of me missing out on things - but less sugar, less fat, more movement, more salads. So pleased I went...Read more
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    How I manage good health

    I have changed my way of eating to a Low Carb High Fat way of eating. I gave up sugar. I Do NOT eat processed foods I Eat lots of free range eggs, butter, cream, full cream milk. I eat full fat grass fed meat. I cut out all soda drinks. Wine, spirits allowed. I read "The Fat Revolution" by Christine Cronau - a great read - Christine is a Brisbane nutritionist. I balance my Ph by taking a squeeze of fresh lemon juice every morning. I take 2/4 tbsps of organic coconut oil every day (a brilliant natural food, I believe) I believe high cholesterol is good for you!!!!...Read more
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    Practical components of the Healthy Lifestyle Program with Murrumbidgee fantastic.

    I attended the Healthy Lifestyle Program. It was not just helpful but fantastic, especially the practical components, best was going shopping to IGA with the educators and learning first hand the healthier options. I feel healthier - I have lost 15kgs and recommend the course to everyone who is interested. I know I have several areas I need to improve (exercise)! ! ! - but this will come. I have really benefitted from the course and free! ! ! A big thank you for arranging it - (but no final date for weighing, I missed it).Read more
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    A consumer conundrum caused by a cornucopia of screening tests

    I believe I am a perfectly healthy person. However over the last six months I am beginning to have doubts and maybe I should go and get checked out. This uncertainty has been generated by a cornucopia of invitations to take part screening programs such as mammography, bone density testing (Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women (GLOW) and funded by Sanofi ), cervical screening, checks for skin cancer, bowel cancer screening, join the “get healthy” program and most recently a personalised letter from “Screen For Life”. "...Read more
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    Childhood Immunisation schedules need to be more rational; Vaccinate parents for pertussis.

    I am fully supportive of childhood immunisation and my four kids were all fully immunised. But I rejected the proposal to immunise my youngest daughter, now 6, at 2 days old, for HepB, despite pressure put on me from health staff in the maternity hospital where she was born. Six years on and I am very surprised to discover this schedule continues in NSW. To me, immunising my brand new, healthy baby for a blood-borne illness which neither of her primary carers had, was nonsensical. The pediatrician sent in to debate the issue with me had no sensible answer. I asked to see a pathologist; none...Read more
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    Concealed cigarette packets in shops

    I decided to quit smoking in the summer of 2012. I have not had a cigarette in over a year, making this my most successful effort after seven years as a smoker and several failed attempts. I think my previous attempts were unsuccessful because I come from a family of long-term smokers, with both of my parents smoking throughout my life. I also spend a lot of time with my brother, who has become a very heavy smoker in recent years. Whenever I tried to quit, I would be reminded of cigarettes in some small, subliminal way. I found it particularly difficult to resist cigarettes after catching...Read more
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