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    We need more research on not well known medical conditions such as Dystonia!

    I have a neurological movement condition Dystonia which is not well known and is often mistaken for Parkinson's. GP's do not know much about this condition and how to help. Unfortunately there is not enough allied health services who specialise in Dystonia. I think funding for research and treatments in this area in Australia is important. There is a study at the moment on Cervical Dystonia Walking and Balance in Adelaide and is a big step forward for assessing and treating the effects of dystonia. If you would like to participate in the study Sessions times are available on Friday...Read more
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    Changing the Culture where Hospital/Healthcarers are 'At Fault'

    If a hospital is involved in an incident that causes a patient irriversible disability (or the potient to through direct delayed affect) it should be MANDATORY to report this to an INDEPENDENT body which then can immediately step in & offer the patient the necessary support TO PREVENT cover-up, victimisation; facilitate recovery & to investigate what when wrong in an open & transparent way to prevent the same mistakes from happening again. The culture behind cover up is a deep and a well-kept secret. It is extremely complex yet no different on many levels to that of a healthcare...Read more
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    Have a Say moderation over the holidays

    The OurHealth team will be taking a break from 24 December 2014 and will return on 5 January 2015. Moderation of the Have a Say discussion forum will be on hold during that period. Please continue to have your say while we’re away and we’ll put your posts up as soon as we return. All the best for a happy and healthy holiday and a fantastic 2015!...Read more
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    Not Appendicitis

    A friend's wife went through a fairly stressful and painful experience, so he wrote a song. The chorus includes the words: Diverticulitis (Stabbing in my gut) Its not appendicitis (It doesnt hurt enough) Like ulcerative colitis (A real pain in the butt) The song can be can be listened to for free at http://thestrawdogscountry.bandcamp.com/track/not-.....Read more
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    The Unsung Heroes of Heart Failure and Transplantion

    Prior to January 2011, I was a young,healthy, active woman who enjoyed travelling, dancing and hiking. That all changed on January 11th 2011 when I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy, subsequently resulting in Heart Failure. I remember the diagnosis and thinking 'What? What the hell is that?'. It came as quite a shock as I had never had any heart problems, nor does any run in my family! Over the next 17 months my condition deteriorated so much that I needed an ICD inserted, then a VAD (Ventricular Assist Device) to keep me alive until a suitable heart became available, and finally a...Read more
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    Outdated link

    Im new to your site and I found it frustrating when the link to your page is telling me I have to upgrade my browser its outdated not a clever way to get folks to go to your fabulous site I was using explorer 8 on one computer and explorer7 otherRead more
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