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How much do you know about complementary medicines? The new ABC program, sparks some thought on the topic.

The new ABC program, 'The Checkout', takes a satirical look at complementary medicines and answer questions such as:
- What is a complementary medicine?
- What does it mean to be 'listed' by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)?
- What keeps non-scientifically proven complementary medicines on the market?

Complementary medicines are a hot button issue because many Australian consumers believe that there are real benefits in using complementary medicines as an alternative to getting medical advice or as a way of searching for alternatives or supplement to conventional therapies that may not be working for them. However, important questions still remain: what safeguards are in place to protect consumers, and who is making sure that complementary medicines are safe and effective?

Watch 'The Checkout' here: and then have your say! How can consumers stay informed about their complementary medicines?

Share your thoughts and views with other Australians.


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As a follow on from the first satirical look at the regulation of complementary medicines through the eyes of ABC's 'The Checkout', the latest episode has parodied Swisse's decision to re-issue a recently banned product under a different name with a new label that sites new health claims. The Conversation also wrote an article on Swisses decision titled 'Supplement regulation by TGA is completely cactus'. You can read their article here: Watch the full clip here: and have your say!

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