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    Campaign for accessible eye care for all Australians

    Approximately 85% of all eye and vision conditions are preventable with regular eye checks – this is the reason why so many Australians rely upon their optometrist for timely and affordable eye care. Timely access to an optometrist also eases the pressure on our hospital system and specialist care, providing governments with many financial and economic benefits. Unfortunately, the Australian Government have recently made it much harder for many optometrists to continue to provide services at minimal or no out-of-pocket expense to their patients. Most services provided by an optometrist are...Read more
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    Have you had an arthroscopic hip procedure?

    This procedure is currently being reviewed to ensure it is supported by up-to-date scientific evidence, provides value for money, and improves health outcomes. The Consumers Health Forum is keen to hear from consumers who have had this procedure so that we can ensure your views are taken into account in the review. We want to know: · Why you had this procedure done (e.g. because you had hip pain) · What health outcome did you most want to see improve as a result of the procedure? e.g. pain, range of movement, quality of life etc Your story is important! It will help shape a Government...Read more
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    equal medciare for all

    Medicare rebates should be equally available for ivf treatment especially where surrogacy is reauired due to medical reasons. If it is available to lesbians for social reasons it should be available to heterosexual couples for medical reasons. Due to medicare reasons I had to have a hysterectomy 8 years Go. For us to have a baby we have to do surrogacy. Women who have survived cancer, been born without a uterus or have heart and other organ issues require surrogacy to for fill their dream of motherhood and a family. We require IVF to do so, rhis oroxess is exactly the same as anyother women...Read more
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    When you forget to ask how much a service costs...

    I recently went to an eye specialist where I had a few tests done. The specialist fee was $200 and had to be paid then and there. Immediately after my appointment, the specialist asked me to walk to the nearby eye hospital to get another test done. A week later, I got billed $77 for the hospital fee, which is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance. I'm not complaining, but I wish they would tell you in advance what the various fees are. I believe this is called 'informed financial consent'. I know it sounds dumb, but when you're in a vulnerable state (in my...Read more
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    Have you provided feedback on new Medicare items?

    A number of health services are currently being considered to assess whether they should be be added to the Medicare Benefits Schedule, including services to treat cancer, incontinence and diabetes. If these applications are approved for public funding, then the costs of these health services will be subsidised by the Government through the payment of Medicare rebates to consumers. More information on the process is available at . Consumers and other stakeholders are able to provide input at certain stages of the assessment process. Have you provided feedback on new Medicare...Read more
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    Medicare going cashless

    From 1 July, Medicare has started changing how they pay benefits, and cash payments will no longer be available. This change will be rolled out over time across all Medicare branches. Medicare benefits will be paid straight into your bank account – either by swiping your debit card at a service centre for instant access to your benefit, or by Electronic Funds Transfer to have your benefit paid into your bank account the next working day. Other options are also available if you don't want your benefit paid into your bank account. More information is at more
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