Informed Consent

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    Consultation: Draft Ethical guidelines for organ transplantation from deceased donors

    The NHMRC is developing ethical guidelines for organ transplantation from deceased donors following a joint request from the Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand and the Organ and Tissue Authority. The Australian Health Ethics Committee ( AHEC ) is overseeing the development of the Ethical Guidelines, with advice from an Expert Advisory Group comprising members with relevant knowledge and expertise in ethics, transplantation medicine, and consumer issues. The intent of the Ethical Guidelines is to inform ethical practice in: assessing the eligibility of an individual for...Read more
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    Communication is key

    One of the CHF staff took a call from a lady who had seen an OurHealth advertisement in a bus. We have paraphrased the consumer’s concerns below. —————————————- Don’t doctors in Australia have to tell you the truth? Can you tell me if they have a legal obligation to tell you the truth? Because they don’t always tell you the truth or tell you everything you need to know, and they don’t always treat you with respect. And it makes me feel very bitter that doctors haven’t told me what I need to know about my...Read more
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    Do not believe that the treatment was of expected professional standard.

    I was referred by GP for inspection of my larynx and had examination of my ears resulting in bleeding and deafness. The consultation was in Tasmania by an ENT specialist. I believe the request sent by my GP was for an inspection of my larynx only, as I had excessive mucus in my throat which was causing me problems when I had to talk for long periods of time. My ears were under the care of Hearing Australia and giving me no grief. They had been examined 2 days prior and declared OK with a minimum of wax. I had no idea what the intention was when the doctor asked me to climb up 2 or 3 steps...Read more
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    My tubes were tied against my wishes and without consent

    I had a planned caesarean in 2011 and had earlier decided not to have my tubes tied and withdrew consent. The doctor who performed my surgery made me feel so small and insignificant and, in my opinion went so far as to insult me because I had changed my mind. I found out not quite a year later that my tubes were tied. As to how they were tied or clamped or cut, no one seems to know. The only reason I found out was because of the excruciating pain I was in when I ovulated. I now suffer insomnia, irregular incredibly heavy periods, ovary pain, acne, intense itching, constipation, mood swings...Read more
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    Referrals - make sure consumers are aware of the consequences

    My main piece of feedback would be for clinicians and services to be aware of who they refer to and what options that shuts off for patients. The surgeon referred Dad to an oncologist who didn’t work with the hospital which had dad’s cardiologists (which we didn’t know this at the time), so when Dad had a life threatening blood infection and heart failure from chemo he was admitted to XXXX instead of our wish of ZZZZ, which meant his cardiologist of 22 years was unable to be involved.Read more
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    Have you had any experiences when you’ve been surprised by the cost of treatment?

    A lack of informed financial consent is a big issue for many consumers. CHF often hears from consumers who haven’t received all the information about the costs of their treatment upfront, and get a nasty shock when the bill arrives. Have you had any experiences when you’ve been surprised by the cost of treatment? Or have you had good experiences when doctors have provided you with all the information about costs in advance?Read more
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