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Extending the role of paramedics - your voice needed!

HWA is asking consumers to have their say on the Extended Care Paramedic (ECP) role.

ECPs are experienced paramedics who have had advanced education and training and are able to treat people with a range of health conditions in their own home or residential facility and make referrals to general practitioners or other health professionals where appropriate.

This role is being trialled in five sites across Australia as part of HWA’s Extending the Role of Paramedics project and an evaluation is now underway to better understand the benefits to consumers and the health system.

HWA is conducting an online survey to find out how comfortable people feel about potentially being treated by an extended care paramedic in their place of residence, where medically appropriate, instead of being transported to hospital.

The survey will be open until Friday 28 March and at this stage is not open to consumers in Victoria or New South Wales.
To take part in the short survey click here:

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