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Help improve Australian healthcare! By sharing your health experiences and ideas, you can help consumer advocates and consumer organisations work for change that improves things for you, patients, carers, families and communities. 

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    SBS Insight - Saving Health

    The SBS Insight program ‘Saving Health’, aired on Tuesday 24 February 2015. The episode discussed topics including eHealth, the Medicare co-payment, and home centred-care. Some interesting points were made during the conversation, and the perspective of a number of health professionals, and some consumers were heard. Do you feel like the consumer perspective was covered in this debate, or in the debates around health reform more broadly? Are there questions that need to be asked, and perspectives that need to be shared? Watch video on YouTube If the video isn’t showing in this post, you...Read more
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    Croakey 2013 ‘Election Wrap’ – how do the parties score?

    During the 2013 election campaign we have seen announcements from all the major parties about their plans for health care in Australia. With such a short time before the polls open, having the time to find and digest all the commitments from all the players may seem like a daunting task. To assist you to understand where the parties stand on health issues important to you, Croakey has provided a neat ‘election wrap’ of consumer and stakeholder group analysis of the major parties’ stances on key health matters. Do you think health has received enough attention in this election campaign? Have...Read more
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    Patient Cost of Diagnostic Imaging

    Over the years I’ve noticed that the gaps I’m being asked to pay for diagnostic imaging services are getting bigger and bigger, and services like mammography, fluoroscopy and gynecological ultrasound are very difficult to access if you want a bulk billed service. As the consumer representative on DOHA ’s Diagnostic Imaging Advisory Committee, I’ve learnt that Medicare rebates for diagnostic imaging services haven’t been indexed since 1998. This is forcing practices to push up the gaps that patients have to pay, in order to cover their increased costs of the last 15 years. Patients who can’t...Read more
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    Storage of images, especially for the new e-Health Record (PCEHR)

    As a patient I used to be given hard copies of my images on film to take to the GP or specialist, but now the images and report are being provided digitally over the internet or on a CD . As the consumer representative on Government Diagnostic Imaging committees, I‘ve learnt that comparing new scans with previous images is indispensable for accurate assessment. Thus, as a patient with a history of cancer, it is essential that my doctors can compare my latest scans with previous ones when monitoring my health. That’s why, though I live in Canberra, I travel to Melbourne to ensure that my...Read more
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    transport issues

    For people who live in small rural towns or in remote areas the issue of travelling to cities to attend specialist visits is a complicated and time consuming one that adds to the stress of people with health problems. The whole process for Queenslanders is complex, time consuming and involves far too much paper work. I have to go to the GP and get him to fill out a complicated form - then go to the office of the local hospital and get this approved BEFORE I go to the specialist. They give me yet another complicated form which MUST be filled out by the specialist, given back to me, and I then...Read more
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    Aged Care Reform – A Hot Button Issue in the 2013 Election

    By 2050 it is estimated that almost a quarter of Australians will be 65 and that 3.5 million Australians will need some form of ‘aged care’. On August 13 2013, three not-for-profit health organisations, The Consumers Health Forum of Australia, Alzheimers Australia and COTA Australia, came together for the ‘Aged Care: The People’s Forum’ to talk about ways in which our healthcare system needs to change to keep up with the demands of this ageing population. This was also an opportunity to highlight health and aged care issues that are important to many Australians and their families in the lead...Read more
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    Health Policy Debate 2013 - what issues should be addressed?

    The Consumers Health Forum is co-hosting the Election 2013 Health Policy Debate between The Hon Tanya Plibersek MP , Minister for Health and Medical Research, and The Hon Peter Dutton MP , Shadow Minister for Health, on 27 August at the National Press Club in Canberra. Health is a critical issue in this election but not a lot has been said so far. So we want to know - what sort of questions do you think health leaders should address? What questions do you want answered before the 7 September Election? Have your say!Read more
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    A good way to save $ billions in health costs

    Keeping people well and working – being productive, paying taxes and so on - instead of on welfare or locked into a vicious cycle in the health system, has to be worth trying if our new government wants to get rid of the deficit. We know that people with chronic pain from arthritis and back problems make up about 40% of forced retirements from the workforce ( That doesn’t surprise me because I was one of them). So you would think that ways of preventing this might be worth investigating. And you don’t have to look far for suggestions. The National Pain Strategy sums up the issues around...Read more
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    Time to Mend Medicare!

    Medicare is failing while our politicians turn a blind eye to the widespread and growing inequities facing those needing treatment. Today, CHF has joined with Catholic Health Australia, the Mental Health Council of Australia, the Public Health Association of Australia and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation to highlight this issue in the lead up to the federal election. It’s time both sides of politics acknowledged the growing barriers to care besetting millions of Australians, particularly the chronically ill, and act to restore what is meant to be a universal health system. To...Read more
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