GPs and general practice

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    Insulted by an incompetent GP

    My old GP in Geelong near the hospital, forced me to have to change to another doctor. I'd been seeing him for over 10 years when I developed chronic pain and fibromyalgia after a work accident. He would only prescribe diazepam and panadeine forte. Which was useless. When I asked him for something stronger, like "endone", he said " no, I'm not giving you that, you'll just go sell it on the streets". I was infuriated, I'm a nurse and I said "slanderous comments like that could ruin my career", he laughed. Next visit I asked for a referral to...Read more
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    Consultation: RACGP 'Vision for a Sustainable Health System'

    The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ ( RACGP ) have released their Vision for a Sustainable Health System which outlines a funding model that they say could better look after the health of Australians and tackle rising health costs as the population ages and chronic disease rates increase. You can find out more about the plan, read the consultation paper and take their survey at Do you think health funding needs an overhaul? What would you change? Have a say!Read more
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    Post-concussion syndrome

    Canberra GP basically accuses me of being neurotic by researching and providing info about my child's condition -- post-concussion syndrome -- which the GP admitted he knew little about. I, a researcher, have researched this topic for the past 8wks. so have learned quite a lot. Even the neuro he referred my child to didn't seem to know much about the condition & has been reluctant to make a diagnosis given that there is a pending worker's comp claim. GP & specialist are both proceeding in every way that is contrary to all of the current literature on this condition, yet...Read more
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    Repeat referrals

    I do not understand why I need to get a new referral every year when seeing a specialist who is treating me for the same chronic condition. Medicare states that referrals can be provided by the GP on an 'indefinite' period if required, yet I have never known a GP to follow that guideline. There appears to be an ignorance from both the GP and specialists that Medicare have made this possible. It would save both the consumer and the GP time and money if I could access an indefinite referral...Read more
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    GP in Queensland Arrogant

    My doctor was away, and I was convinced to see one of his colleagues. It took me many years and many practitioners to find someone who believed me and recognized my validity instead of just treating me as a foolish hysteric. This so-called colleague I felt was typical of all the old, ineffective, devaluing doctors I had previously seen. He not only told me, in front of a trainee, that I had done everything to myself, I feel he also completely invalidated my doctor, his colleague. He seemed to cherry pick my medical history, seemingly refused to listen to what was upsetting me that day, and...Read more
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    Mother misdiagnosed by GP in Tasmania

    Mother had a abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) which required surgery a few years ago. Mid this year, she visited her GP in Tasmania with her carer with symptoms of dizziness and vomiting. The doctor appear to make a diagnosis of laryngitis, seemingly writing on a piece of paper "dizzy & vomit for a short time - self curing - viral". Three days later my mother died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture. I believe the symptoms presented to the doctor were indicative of a AAA rupture. I believe that when hospital nurse and Police phoned doctor, the doctor hung up on them...Read more
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    My daughter who has autoimmune Hepatitis was told to smile at the sun.

    My daughter and I went to a GP in Cairns to get the results of her monthly blood tests. Her usual Specialist was away for Christmas break and we went through a local GP service in Cairns. This doctor has been at the practice for many years and well known. The bloods were collected and we attended the appointment for the steroid dosing she needed. This doctor unbelievably told my daughter she should stop all her medication and smile at the sun 10 times every morning. He said all she required was natural light therapy. My daughter has 75% cirrhosis of her liver along with multiple complications...Read more
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    Anti depressants prescribed by hospitals for thyroid problems

    I went to professionals over and over- exhausted, crying, low concentration... told to exercise, take vitamins and anti depressants...couldn't exercise, too lethargic. Doctors made me feel terrible for this, like wasn't trying to help myself. Anti depressants made me incontinent and more depressed, suicidal, like killing myself would be for the best. Went to different doctors, hospitals when suicidal, felt I was treated terribly- like it was my fault I wasn't doing the right thing for my depression. The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne saw me twice when I was suicidal. I felt I was...Read more
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    The importance of "Save Lives: Clean Your Hands"

    Thank you for bringing my attention to the WHO campaign "Save Lives: Clean Your Hands". I wish it had been around when my oldest son was younger. He was due for one of his routine immunisations so I took him to our local GP who we had seen on a number of occasions. The GP started to prepare the injection, he then stopped to blow his nose then it was straight back to preparing the injection. I was quite appalled and asked him if he was going to wash his hands. His response was why, I’m not going to touch him (my son). My reply was - well how do you expect to give the injection then...Read more
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    Doctor not caring about other issues

    I have the Late Effects of Polio; full time in a wheelchair now; asked my doctor when I first saw her that I badly needed help dealing with all the problems associated with LEOPS. She was good in the beginning but now I feel she only 'sees' me as a diabetic; I have a good diabetic team. How do I get her to listen to me? I feel so useless going to her. But in Broken Hill I have not found it easy to find a doctor who will listen to me. What do I do?...Read more
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    My amazing Doctor at Rouse Hill Town Medical Centre

    I am sorry if it seems like I am bragging but I believe I have the best GP in the world. My GP monitors my ongoing medical conditions, seems to listen to all of my concerns, recommends non-medicinal methods, asks about my partner, offers me samples of products, helps me save money and overall seems to care about my well being.Read more
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    How often do you visit the doctor?

    I like to think of myself as a young, responsible adult. I was brought up to believe that doctor's check ups are done annually, that preventative care is paramount. This is why I was so shocked, when at my last doctor's checkup my doctor asked the question, "Why would you come every year if you are healthy?" From that moment on, I could not help shake the feeling that I should only go to the doctor if I am sick....But then isn't it too late? Is that why I should believe? Was I taught wrong? Even when I was at getting my routine physical, I truly felt that it was my...Read more
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    In office helicobacter pylori testing (Spring Hill).

    My daughter who has chronic fatigue was given an in-office test for HPylori. It showed a positive and she was prescribed a med, a three fold approach using antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors. On the third day she became quite unwell. My online research showed this was not unusual. I advised the doctor who totally seemed to deny that it could have been the med. as she worsened to a state of constant unsettled stomach, reduced food intake and sleeping sitting up. It appeared to me that the doctor again and again failed to suggest any solution to this dilemma. I contacted the manufacturer of...Read more
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    Excessive diagnosis

    My four year old had woken with a hot, red, swollen ear (at least four times its original size). Apart from the swelling to my child’s ear and gland directly below the ear, there were no other issues-no pain, no fever, no itchiness, no discomfort, and eating was normal and playing was normal. We had spent the previous day gardening and I assumed it had been bite by something or had a reaction to a plant. I administered an antihistamine and took my child to a pharmacy to double check. The pharmacist was quite alarmed and suggested I get to a Dr or the ED if the antihistamine had no affect...Read more
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    This service is an asset to our community

    I attended the Wagga GP After Hours service with my 1 year old tonight. I rang at 6.10pm and was given an appointment for 6.40pm! I arraived and waited less than five minutes (during which time the receptionist, Julie was cheerful and efficient). It was great to have a range of little toys for my daughter to play with and the waiting area was tidy and comfortable. The doctor was very thorough and even though I was only getting her little left ear checked, he did a full check up anyway (throat, chest, temperature etc) and I left feeling confident that her health was his number one concern...Read more
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    What a difference a doctor that takes time with you makes

    I haven't had a GP since we moved from the country 30 years ago.. But I reached the age where a GP has to sign my drivers license so I had to find one. I didn't want to go to where my wife goes - her GP is always so busy and rushed with lots of people waiting and I'd feel like I was wasting her time because I'm not sick. My daughter has been at me to go for a check up at their family GP so I went there. the doctor was great - he took the time to talk to me like a person first and a patient second. Now he has me going back for that check up. I don't feel rushed and I...Read more
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    A dedicated GP in Nambour

    In this instance, I am not a patient but an allied health professional. I work in Nambour and clients who are referred by a particular local GP all love to tell me how he is so special. They say he is dedicated and caring, that he never rushes them, that he is easy to talk to and they always feel understood, and that he even rings them between appointments just to see how they are. I think health professionals like this need to be recognized for their contribution to the community and their excellent service.Read more
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    Seeing my doctor for repeat prescriptions

    I am on colestrol tablets and my doctor says I have to stay on them permanently, I find it most annoying that I have to wait to see my doctor, sometimes up to 4 days to get a prescription renewed. I think it would be much better for me and the government if the doctor could write out a script and leave it at the desk for a small fee instead of a visit which costs me nothing but Medicare a doctors fee.Read more
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    GP visit

    I recently visited the local GP about renewing a prescription and a general check up. The GP was very informative in regards to my options and explained the pros and cons of each different prescription. Although it was my first appointment with this particular doctor I felt that she really cared about what suited me and provided me with more than enough information in answer to all of my questions.Read more
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