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Signing up for an eHealth record

My husband and I decided it was time for us to sign up for the Personally Controlled eHealth Record so I googled PCEHR and found my way to the eHealth registration website.

It was easy for me to sign up, but the problem came when we tried to sign my husband up.

We stepped through the form but hit a block when we were required to provide an email address. The system wouldn't allow us to use my email (and that's the only one we use in our household) because it had already been used on my record. So we either had to start again via phone or create an email for my husband (which he is never going to use or check!). I didn't like the suggestion of using hotmail or one of those free email accounts (with what you hear about internet security I'd rather deal with my Australian internet company), so eventually after a bit of trouble I created a new email account for my husband on our internet service.

He now has a PCEHR - and an email account that he will never use. All seems a bit difficult, especially for those of us that are caring for others.


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After I read this comment I phoned the PCEHR help number. The response I received was as follows: "There is only need to provide an email address if registering online. It is not required for face to face registration. The reason it is required for online registration is in case you forget your password. The email address is used to identify you. If two people give the same email address, the system cannot determine which person it is." I hope this helps.
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It is okay to do face to face at the Medicare office if you are not disabled or have mobility difficulties which can mean that you cannot attend the local Medicare office to do the face to face so you then rely on using online. Florence

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