Election 2013 Announcements

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    Greens health commitments this election

    The Australian Green’s health policy is available at www.greens.org.au The policy includes a focus on mental health funding, rural health investment, hospital funding, expanding preventative health and including dental care in Medicare. More detail on these and other Greens health initiatives is available at www.greens.org.au/health . Announcements so far - Mental Health Care Investing in Public Hospitals Keeping Health Costs Down Denticare for Everyone Investing in Rural Health Clean Air Act Good food on every table Improving rural mental health Improving eye health Focus on hearing health...Read more
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    Coalition health commitments this election

    Coalition election policies and discussion papers can be found at www.liberal.org.au and at www.nationals.org.au The commitments in the Coalition’s Policy to Support Australia’s Health System include to expand and strengthen Australia’s public dental scheme; support community involvement in the management of and responsibility for local hospitals; invest in significant health programs including the fast tracking of bowel cancer screening services and a National Diabetes Strategy; support multidisciplinary primary healthcare including a focus on general practice, nursing and allied health; and...Read more
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    Australian Labor Party health commitments this election

    Australian Labor Party campaign commitments to health can be viewed at www.alp.org.au Election health commitments include: $10 million in additional support for people with disability and carers Building A Strong Mental Health System for Australia Biopharmaceutical Innovation Partnership $15 million for cancer care nurse coordinators Stroke care coordinators in Medicare Locals Medical Research Innovation Fund $3.2 million to support Arthritis Australia $10.5 million for Asthma training and awareness Prevention and research to address increasing rates of sexually transmissible infections ( STI...Read more
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