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    Should we have received antibiotics earlier?

    <p>After taking my child to Geralton emergency hospital in the early hours with a nasty cough, temp and a weeping ear I was told this was all normal and viral and it was too early to tell if they would need antibiotics. I was satisfied that the chest was clear and that the waxy-clear coloured weeping ear was nothing to worry about, we left within a half hour of arriving feeling like a Mum who's overreacted to having a sickly child.</p><p>10 days later, the other ear begins to weep too and I have a child who is uncharacteristically clingy, not sleeping great and is...Read more
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    So happy with Box Hill Hospital Maternity

    <p>We could not have been happier with our birthing experience at Box Hill Hospital. We were part of the Midwifery&nbsp;Group&nbsp;Practice program. The midwife I saw was Vanessa, who was simply amazing! Going into labor a little earlier than expected, Vanessa was by my side through it all. She was extremely supportive, caring and made me feel safe and in control.</p><p>For my aftercare I had Nicola. Another amazing midwife. She was also so supportive and caring.</p><p>I feel so very lucky to have been looked after so well by two amazing midwives. Thank...Read more
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    I would have liked to stay longer in hospital.

    <p>I recently gave birth.&nbsp; It was not my first labour, but it was a quick labour that came suddenly and was only a few hours&nbsp;start to finish. I was exhausted and my home life was a little chaotic at the time, so it&nbsp;was not a relaxing environment to recover. I asked to stay the night which was fine so waited a few hours for my bed to be prepared. I was finally taken to bed, I was told if I needed to stay longer I would be allowed. I decided that I would benefit from another night rest as I hadn't had much sleep and we were having latching issues. I told...Read more
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    Wonderful midwife care model at Box Hill Hospital.

    <p>From the moment we joined the group midwife care model we have been so happy with the support from Vanessa our amazing midwife. We also really enjoyed the new parent class and breastfeeding class and would recommend the group care model to all people wanting to have a baby. I felt safe, well informed and always supported through the entire process. I'm going to miss my visits with Vanessa and our regular chats she has made such a huge impact on our lives and can't thank her and the team at Box Hill enough. We had a really positive birth experience and so grateful for all...Read more
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    Supportive end of life care.

    Thank you to the team at Wantirna Health for the kindness and support given to my Grandmother and our family in her last weeks. Knowing that she was being well looked after and had help at hand made the journey so much easier for us all. I'm so sorry that I can't remember your names, but I do remember the care and compassion that was shown to us all. Particularly in the last precious days when no request was too much and no question went unanswered. It meant so much to us that Grandma had privacy and peace when it was most needed. This transition is not an easy one to make, but your...Read more
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    Drug ARM is invaluable in my life.

    <p>I began my Drug ARM program a short while ago. Janene is an amazing worker who covers my issues with compassion and a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to continued support from her for a long time to come. I have learned and continue to learn experiential material which I find invaluable in my life. Thank you.</p>Read more
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    Piece of mind

    <p>My child's therapist was really helpful and kind. She helped my child's condition to be managed easier and gave me piece of mind that I had the strength to use the tools she gave me to help manage my child's&nbsp;condition.</p>...Read more
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    Thankful for everything

    <p>The staff were amazing, very caring and helpful.</p><p>Matthew was very easy to get along with. He was very helpful and my child got along with him very well. My child was able to communicate very easily with Matthew, which has made a big difference to their attitude towards others. We are very thankful for the help we have been given. Our child enjoys talking to Matthew and said it was good stress relief.</p><p>Thank you again for everything.</p>Read more
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    The visits have helped immensely

    <p>My child has been seeing Lee for a few months and our visits have definitely helped immensely. My child now has heaps more confidence in themself and does not stress or worry about school or social issues as much as they used to. My child really looks forward to the sessions with Lee.</p>Read more
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    We feel better about ourselves as well as our relationship with our child.

    <p>I found the help Lee provided helped us to deal and cope with the issues our child was having. Since coming here we have noticed a big change in not only our child but our interactions and reactions to each other. It has helped a lot. We feel better about ourselves as well as our relationship with our&nbsp;child.</p>Read more


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