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    We need more research on not well known medical conditions such as Dystonia!

    I have a neurological movement condition Dystonia which is not well known and is often mistaken for Parkinson's. GP's do not know much about this condition and how to help. Unfortunately there is not enough allied health services who specialise in Dystonia. I think funding for research and treatments in this area in Australia is important. There is a study at the moment on Cervical Dystonia Walking and Balance in Adelaide and is a big step forward for assessing and treating the effects of dystonia. If you would like to participate in the study Sessions times are available on Friday...Read more
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    A carer's response to the Statewide (QLD) strategy for end-of-life care 2015

    Before our experience, I believed that Palliative Care was a positive thing and that it would be helpful. But having had contact with a QLD public health service, which did nothing except greatly increase stress and provide very poor quality, inexperienced doctors, I now see it as something that just provides third rate care to very vulnerable people and aims to save money by reducing overall hospital costs. I have had a look at the end of life strategy, I think it's out of balance with too much focus being placed on "identifying people AS Soon as Possible" who may benefit from...Read more
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    A finger dislocated, is relocated again thanks to the emergency department at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

    I came into the RPA emergency room nursing a dislocated finger, luckily it was quiet and I was seen to within 15 minutes, I had to wait another 30 mins for some X-rays to be taken, and another 30 minutes before a doctor came to collect me and put me in another waiting room for an hour. I finally had my finger reset under anaesthetic and had to wait another hour to get X-rays and my arm cast in plaster.Read more
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    Patient Advocate to the Rescue

    I found your site when I was at a low ebb and was looking for advice about how to help my mother. I read about a Sydney based patient advocate and Googled her. I cannot tell you how it changed things for the better and now, she is working for my sister Ro (helping with her mother in law) and things are going very well. I am a pharmacist and have some level of medical literacy but no hospital experience. My 93 year old mother had chronic lung disease and was hospitalised with pneumonia. She was completely lucid, filled out an advanced directives form stating she did not want extreme measures...Read more
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    Thank you to the caring staff that made an awful time for me a whole lot easier

    My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant and we did for our first time earlier this year. Unfortunately only a few days ago I found out it was ectopic. I had a feeling this was the case, my body was just telling me so I made sure I got appropriate scans and blood test to confirm it. I was then told to go to hospital straight away. I chose to go to the William Angliss in Upper Fern Tree Gully as I was born there. Long story, short, the staff / doctors / nurses etc there all made what was an awful time for me a whole lot easier. I spoke with anywhere from 6-10 members withing 6 hours,...Read more
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    National Centre for Neuroimmunology and Emerging Diseases (NCNED) at Griffith University

    Many people have asked about my visit to the Clinic so here is a good place to share! I donated blood to Griffith Uni's research into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis before my visit, so they had this information already. You do fill out a lengthy form before your appointment, submitted along with the referral from your GP. I waited around 4 months for an appointment as they only see patients on Fridays. The visit begins with a physical examination with a doctor (sorry I forget her name), then a consultation with a specialist and the examining doctor. The specialist...Read more
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    Consultation: Review of the Registered nurse standards for practice - closes soon!

    The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia ( NMBA ) is holding a public consultation on the review of the Registered nurse standards for practice. You can participate by completing the structured response consultation by close of business Friday, 3 July 2015. More information at http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/News/Current-Consultations.aspxRead more
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    Operations in public system

    I have been having pains in my stomach for nine years they finally are able to find what it is and now im told I have to wait up to 3 years before I'll be able to have my operation. And I had to go to private doctor that does work through the public system. They wouldn't even see me through the public system. No my condition is not life threatening but it is very embarrassing and still quite painful and is only going to get worse. and I have had the condition for so long and have been putting up with it I could understand having to wait and I understand that but not being able to go...Read more
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    Very well looked after at Box Hill Hospital

    My partner went to Box Hill Hospital - Emergency Dept with severe abdominal pains very late one evening. They were seen by a doctor within the hour and was admitted and scheduled for surgery early afternoon the next day. During the evening the pains worsened and my partner's surgery was bought forward to first thing in the morning. My partner was kept very well informed by the staff as was I with phone calls advising me they were going into surgery earlier than scheduled and a further phone call advising that their surgery was successful. We found the level of care to be excellent - the...Read more
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    Short stay at Port Macquarie Base Hospital

    Early one Tuesday morning I was transported to Port Macquarie Emergency Department with severe back pain by ambulance. The two ambulance officers could not have been more caring and helpful more than I can say for the hospital staff. Was pumped with pain relief then transferred to another cubical after 4 hrs in same area as this is now regulations as you must be moved from emergency after 4 hrs. I expected that I would be x-rayed to see the extent of any damage to my back. To be informed by the 1st year medical student that it was not necessary to x-ray as it was only muscular. On questioning...Read more


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