Diagnostic testing

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    Finally someone listened to me

    I have spent many years complaining about how I felt, how it so drastically affected my life every day. Every doctor I saw kept telling me that my "dizzy spells", fainting, chronic fatigue and constant nausea were all because I was a skinny young girl. As I started to progress with age I was then told I had an eating disorder, anxiety and that it was all in my head. As a teenager, I was fainting at my part time job nearly every shift. I would race to the doctors but by the time I would get there my ECG would read normal and they'd say oh it's because she hasn't eaten...Read more
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    The costs of medical imaging

    Have you been told to come back the next day for another medical imaging service? ABC News recently spoke to CHF about the costs of medical imaging, and a loophole that has been discovered that sees some medical imaging companies bringing consumers back on different days in order to get additional Medicare payments. The story has sparked intense debate on the ABC News facebook post (which you can read at https://www.facebook.com/abcnews.au/posts/10153069340049988 ). CHF have created a Diagnostic and Informed Consent Consumer Resource which can help you to better understand your options when...Read more
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    Medication for a non existing emphysema at Ballina District Hospital

    Went to Ballina Hospital feeling tired and run down. I was asked 1, 000 questions so to speak. I spend the night in hospital. In the morning, without any tests, that I knew of, for emphysema (I had told them that I smoked when I was young). They prescribed me AND later the GP 'insisted' I had to take for the rest of my life Ventolin inhaler (Salbutamol B. P. ) 3 times/day. I know I do not have emphysema...Read more
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    What Do I Do?

    An object fell onto my toe in August last year. The GP referred me for an X-Ray indicating 3rd toe involvement. The X-Ray report said no fracture. I struggled on - it wasn't getting better, i had these feelings of numbness and coldness - so over the next 3 months I had a ct scan, ultrasound, and bone scan. The bone scan revealed a fracture. I was seeing a physiotherapist who was making inserts for my shoe to support the toe to help with healing. I wasn't getting any relief with this - still feeling the numbness and coldness. he put me in a moon boot, I wore this for 4 weeks. I...Read more
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    Doctor shows true humanity at Cscan Charlestown

    My mother was found to have a brain tumour whilst having a CT at cscan imaging. The radiologist came out of his office to tell us, arranged for my mother to go to hospital and stayed with us until the report was ready and we could go. He hugged us and held our hands just like any other human being would and should. It's the first time I've seen a doctor do that. My mother died a few months later, but we'll never forget Dr Rauf and his humanity...Read more
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    Why do I even need this test? - A Diagnostic Imaging and Informed Consent Consumer Resource

    Following consumer consultations, CHF is working on a consumer resource about diagnostic imaging and informed consent. The draft text for this resource can be viewed here: https://www.chf.org.au/files/Why-do-I-even-need-th... Graphic design will follow. To help ensure that the information is clear and useful to consumers, we would appreciate comments and suggestions. Thank you!Read more
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    I can't speak highly enough of the neurosurgeons at Royal Hobart Hospital that treated me but can't say the same for the neurologist ...

    I'd been suffering headaches for 2 years, finally got diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension in September 2012. My neurologist at the Royal Hobart Hospital that has been treating me with different medications, regular lumbar punctures and also having correspondence with my ophthalmologist and GP who I felt kept treating me like I was faking my illness and seemed to be very dismissive about anything I had to say even though the test results said something different. After speaking with my ophthalmologist and realising I was loosing too much vision, too quickly they finally...Read more
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    My view on The Glucose Tolerance Test

    I am so happy I found this site. I am just wondering if anyone finds the Glucose Tolerance Test given to pregnant women a bit over the top. For those who don’t know, the glucose tolerance test is given to women to see if they have developed Gestational Diabetes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would gladly take any test to make sure that my bub is growing nicely. I just wonder if this Glucose Tolerance Test could be doing more harm than good – or if it could be just plain unnecessary. I consider myself fairly fit, exercise regularly and maintain healthy eating habits. I am also not in the high...Read more
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    A new resource to put pathology at your finger tips

    I am one of three consumer board member of Lab Tests Online-AU and also a long-time health consumer representative, with an interest in pathology and diagnostic imaging. In far too many cases, patients are handed pathology test forms and do not have a clue what the doctor is actually checking for even though more than 75 per cent of the decisions surrounding diagnosis and treatment are based on these tests. I want to bring to light a valuable resource - Lab Tests Online-AU - that will help all Australians better understand these pathology tests that are a part of routine healthcare, diagnosis...Read more
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    Say NO to gene patents

    I, and many people affected by cancer, are very concerned that about the present ability to put patents on our genes. Biotech companies' patents on parts of our bodies are not acceptable; they are our genes, not "property". Patents cause delays and extra costs for us when we need tests which will inform our treatment decisions. Research can also be held up due to monopoly ownership of certain genes, like the BrCa1 mutation for breast cancer. Cancer Voices Australia is the independent, the volunteer voice of people affected by cancer since 2000. Cancer Voices is inviting...Read more
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    Type 2 Diabetes: The Genetic Trojan horse in HbA1c testing

    I have been a type2 diabetic for 27 yrs. I was hospitalised with ketoacidosis for 7 days. I was referred to an Endocrinologist, who told me to come back every 2 yrs. In the late 90's I began to notice high BGLs and would go to the GP, who would send me for a 12hr fasting HbA1c (A1c for short) test. Due to moving house etc I saw quite a few GPs. All told me that my A1cs were great control. When I asked for a referral back to Endocrinologist I was told I did not need one! As I got more lethargic, I couldn’t understand why I was continuously being told that I had great control. I decided to...Read more
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