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    Contact from Director of Oral Health Department

    I was wondering if you could update the post I made to include that the liaison officer I contacted managed to get the Director of their Oral Health department to contact me directly, her message just arrived this morning. "I have received your feedback about the recent attempt to access service for your dental problem at West Moreton Oral Health, and am disappointed that your needs were not met. I would like to ring and discuss it with you, so that I can give you some feedback around the actions I have taken, and also organise some dental...Read more
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    Dental appointment system failure in Ipswich

    My story begins with a toothache. Starts late Friday night searing pain. Go whole weekend thinking Ipswich Community Dental Care is like Inala Dental Clinic where they aren't open on weekends. Suffered right through only to find out on Sunday evening(via internet) it was open half day on Saturday... hmm my bad. Monday morning ring appointment call centre that is only available from 7:00 am to 8:00 am, a 1 hour window of opportunity just to try to get in to see a dentist. A series of calls from 7:45 am to 8:00 am lands me nowhere. Decide to walk down to the clinic and get there roughly 8:...Read more
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    Agreement over upselling in private dentistry.

    Agreement over up-selling in private dentistry. I agree with 'Over diagnosed in Liverpool'. This has also happened to me and I think the reason alot of consumers avoid going to the dentist. The pushy sales tactics of some dentists seems to be getting worse. As a patient - it is down-right annoying. This happened to our family frequently at a local dentist - we ended up leaving. We couldn't tell if we really had an issue or the dentist was making it up to get commissions!! I was told I had a cavity and needed it filled. When I visited a university student dentist and was checked...Read more
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    Over diagnosed at a Private Emergency Dental clinic in Liverpool

    When my broken arm healed I accidentally over brushed my teeth as I had poor control of the arm. I exposed one nerve in a top tooth and two nerves in bottom teeth. I sought after hours dental care in an emergency dental clinic in Liverpool. The initial examination I felt was good and included x-rays. I understood what the matter was. The dentist however sent the assistant out of the room and while she was gone kept on examining my mouth and touching the sore gums. He indicated I would need extensive dental work, said I had gingivitis and would need to have a scale and clean before any dental...Read more
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    My son's oral surgery at Manly Waters Private Hospital

    I was very concerned about the extraction of 4 wisdom teeth under a general anaethetic. The doctor, Dr Richard, I thought was impressive, reassured me that the procedure would be done in about 30 minutes (and it was) and the anaesthetic was safe. The admitting nurse was pleasant and kind and explained the procedure, time in recovery etc. My son had a lovely room in a newly renovated hodpital. The procedure did not cause much swelling and my fears were unfounded. I believe a good job all round, and I am relieved that this dreaded wisdom teeth extraction is now done.Read more
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    Genetic Gum Disease - Dentist charging above the now expired Medicare rebate

    My Husband has a genetic gum disease that causes his teeth to break off at the gums and at present he has only 5 or 6 teeth left 2 of which are the only ones to meet together to chew food. He is only 35 and has been told numerous times that this would be poisoning his body. He has been referred by GP's to the dentist, as it is a life threatening condition, under the now expired GP referral system. Once he got to the dentist on 3 different occasions he was then told they would be charging him money despite the medicare rebate. Now the scheme has been stopped! We are not rich and still...Read more
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