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    Thank you to the caring staff that made an awful time for me a whole lot easier

    My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant and we did for our first time earlier this year. Unfortunately only a few days ago I found out it was ectopic. I had a feeling this was the case, my body was just telling me so I made sure I got appropriate scans and blood test to confirm it. I was then told to go to hospital straight away. I chose to go to the William Angliss in Upper Fern Tree Gully as I was born there. Long story, short, the staff / doctors / nurses etc there all made what was an awful time for me a whole lot easier. I spoke with anywhere from 6-10 members withing 6 hours,...Read more
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    Dismal appointment response

    In August 2013 my disabled child was advised that their case was accepted and that the wait period would be in excess of 12 months. Well here we are 24 months later and again we get another letter advising that their case is accepted and the wait period is in excess of 24 months. So do we have to wait 4 years for an appointment, this wait period is ridiculous. When I rang the hospital I got some nonsensical advise that she could not help me and that she would pass on my message. Why can't I contact the area direct and get an appropriate answer. For an organisation that is supposed to...Read more
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    Whooping cough: A parent's story

    One of our consumer reps asked that we share this link and story from WA about whooping cough and vaccination. Watch video on YouTube If you can’t see the video here you can view it at the link below or on YouTube . more
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    Stressful birth experience at Box Hill Hospital

    In 2014, I gave birth to my one and only little baby. The pregnancy had been a dream and we were looking forward to a water birth. Unfortunately, our little baby took their time and so at almost 42 weeks we were induced. That was when everything went wrong. We called before we came down for a 2pm induction and were told to head straight in. We arrived at 1: 45 and waited in the waiting room for over an hour. Once called up we lugged all our bags into a delivery suite where we were monitored for about 20 minutes. Having small contractions, the midwife advised us that they were very busy and we...Read more
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    Wonderful treatment received at the Angliss ER

    I came to the ER yesterday with my young child who had fallen from a high shelf and landed head first on the tiled floor. My child vomited, went incredibly pale and started losing consciousness. I had to bring my other children as well because my husband was at work. I did not have to wait at all. I was shown straight through to a bed and within minutes Dr Ehab calmly and kindly introduced himself to me. He gently and thoroughly examined my child and once satisfied, to my amazement, he made me a coffee. This simple gesture helped calm me as I was quite emotional at the thought of my child...Read more
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    Let's not separate babies from their breastfeeding mothers

    A family member gave birth to her baby in a public hospital. The baby was small, and had to put on weight before he was allowed to be discharged home. The mother was discharged home before him, even though she wanted to remain in hospital to be able to breastfeed and care for him. She was not allowed to remain at the hospital, even though she was willing to pay to be a boarder (rather than a patient). It is well-known that breastfeeding is optimal for babies. Breastfed children have lower rates of otitis media, gastroenteritis, pneumonia, childhood obesity, type 1 and type 2 diabetes,...Read more
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    "The Patient's Voice" - Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health

    The Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health have recently put a call out for consumer stories to be an ongoing part of their publication. Their brief is as follows - “Children often lack a voice. We invite children or their parents to submit articles up to about 1000 words long about any aspect of child health. We also invite paediatricians and other health care professionals to solicit and submit such articles. Possible topics include living with an illness, visiting the hospital, being given a diagnosis, being a refugee, dealing with side effects of treatments or living with a sibling or...Read more
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    Consultation: Draft National Framework for Child and Family Health Services

    Consultation by Deloitte for the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council - ‘ The National Framework for Child and Family Health Services – secondary and tertiary services ’ will guide government and nongovernment agencies in the planning of programs, projects and services to respond to the secondary and tertiary health needs of children 0-8 years and their families. The National Framework is to support and complement the National Framework for Universal Child and Family Health Services which was released in July 2011. Development of The National Framework has been commissioned by the...Read more
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    My child's collapsed bowel

    My 9 yr old son was having severe stomach pains and wasn’t eating last year so I took him to our family GP. After looking over my son the doctor told me to take him straight to the emergency department at the Brisbane Royal Children's Hospital as he thought it might be his appendix. We were seen very quickly once we arrived. My son has a fear of hospitals and is not very willing to say when something is wrong. The doctor in the emergency department was only willing to talk to my son and I felt she wasn’t listening to what I was saying regarding his symptoms. The doctor asked him to stand...Read more
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    Wonderful experience at the Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide.

    My child fractured a bone recently and we went to the Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide for care. I could not fault it. The professionalism of staff we saw was exemplary. At every step of the way staff dealing with my child kept us in the picture about what was happening, when and how. My child had never had 'laughing gas' before. The attending staff knew just the way to put my child at ease with humour and good communication. The staff also took the time to listen to my child's funny 'dream' that had occurred while under. These little moments of...Read more
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    Type 1 Diabetes Awareness

    My brave boy at the age of 23 months old was greatly let down by the one person that I put all my trust in and I am really would like to see more awareness for this fast growing Chronic Childhood disease that is called Type 1 Diabetes. I had not even heard of of Type 1 Diabetes or as it is also know as in the past, Juvenile Diabetes. Whenever I had heard the word 'Diabetes' I always pictured older, overweight people until the day I 'Googled' my sons symptoms. The symptoms I looked up were - Constant Hunger, Bedwetting and Constant Thirst. I made an appointment with my...Read more
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    Staff very approachable at Mighty Minds.

    We have only been to the Mighty Minds Programme a few times so far but have found the staff very friendly and easy to approach / discuss out child's behavioural issues. Our child seems to look forward to coming and chatting in a relaxed environment. I have been given a few strategies to put in place to help with aggressive behaviour which I think are working. It is great to know there is help out there when you need it after trying to do all you can do yourself...Read more
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    Insensitive comment by doctor at Logan Hospital brings new mum to tears.

    Post operation recovery for my third c-section and my understanding the surgeon advised me to consider permanent sterlisation. I was extremely hurt, I should have been enjoying the precious first moments of my baby and was instead crying due to this man's insensitive behavior. There is a time and place for everything and telling a woman to become sterile while holding a new baby is not one...Read more
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    Lyell McEwin Paediatric Ward - Five stars

    My son had severe abdominal pain for one week prior to arriving at the Lyell McEwin Hospital's Paediatric Emergency department. There was a separate Accident & Emergency area for Paediatrics, which was fantastic. Over the course of the evening there were a few tests such as x-rays and the staff (doctors and nurses) were fantastic throughout. We were made comfortable as much as possible and I was offered coffee and biscuits during my wait. Eventually my son was admitted to the Paediatric Ward and we were there for two nights whilst he received treatment. I was very impressed with all...Read more
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    Nurofen recommended for convulsing baby at Werribee Mercy Hospital

    I rushed my baby girl to the Werribee Mercy Hospital at midnight as she had a fever of 40.9 and was convulsing. I went straight through to emergency and had to wait for 3 hours to be seen. I was eventually seen to by a doctor there who advised me to give her Nurofen and keep her fluids up and if it happens again to go back. I went back home and put her to bed as it was 3: 30am and by 9:30am I rushed her straight back and was told it was a viral infection and to keep giving her fluids and Nurofen. 3 days had past and my baby was no better, not sleeping, crying all the time and not drinking...Read more
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    Improving use of asthma medication for children

    Does asthma affect children in your family? CHF would like to hear about the experiences you have had in the management of a child’s asthma. In addition to getting a better understanding of the issues from a consumer’s perspective, CHF will share the knowledge with the consumer representative on the Australian Government’s Expert Advisory Group that is reviewing medicines used to treat asthma in children. When it involves medicines, ‘good management’ of asthma means the right medicine at the right time. There is evidence that some classes of medicines used to treat asthma are overprescribed...Read more
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    Temora Children's Expo

    Recently the Temora Childrens Expo was held in Gloucester Park. All local organizations were invited to participate and provide both parents and children with information on all topics for safe upbringing. The day was a great succes and one group received lots of visitors and provided valueable information. The Rural Primary Health Service stall run by Libby Hanlon the Health Care nurse made every effort to attract patrons, answer their queries and also make everyone feel at ease. I have had previous contact with Libby at similar functions and have found her very professional, most...Read more
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