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    Team Care Coordination making such a difference to our lives

    Within a week of our doctor contacting Team Care Coordination, the coordinator Helen contacted us and made an appointment to visit us in our home and discuss my husband's needs. After a thorough assessment, Helen (who has a wonderful sense of humour) advised he needed a walker and chair for showering. Helen put Kilcoy Country Care in contact with us, who have helped with respite which has given my husband an interest and myself some me time. Team Care Coordination is a wonderful service. It's amazing what a little bit of care and advice can make such a difference...Read more
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    Super payments for Carers

    I am writing about my family experience. My wife and I have 2 young girls 6 and 3. Working as a carpenter for 18 years I decided to give it a go and start my own company building spec homes, all was going ok when my wife started to get head aches and loose her balance, she went for a ct scan which showed a large tumour in her right frontal lobe. She had an operation in 2010 to de-bulk the tumour. From this time I became her full time carer. Now my wife is on the disability pension and I am on the carers pension trying to bring up our 2 children now in grade 4 and 1. In this time we have had...Read more
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    My health

    I am a full time career for my husband who has advanced Parkinson's disease and a chronic bad back. I have a pituitary tumour which I have had for over 40 years. High blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiomyopathy. Lumps in both breasts for past 6 1/2 years. There is a history of cancer in both sides of my family and heart disease. I also have Type 2 diabetes. Over the years I have put on weight, lost it and put it back on - hence the blood pressure, cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Now that I have to care for my husband, I need to get myself fitter and lose weight so that I am able to look...Read more
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