Care in the community

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    Mix up with appointment has caused distress

    I am very disappointed about the way I was treated by a staff member employed by Indigenous Health. I have attended the Asthma clinic at Robina, my first visit went really good. However after that it seemed to go down hill. I saw this lady in around June, I was told this was going to happen and that was going to happen but nothing happened. So I tried to ring this person, received no call back. I was then told I was to have a meeting early with the team - early August. On this day there was a meeting at Kalwun about dementia and and as my husband is suffering with this complaint and I fetl I...Read more
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    Have you or someone you know ever had to travel for dialysis? Do you think being away from home had an impact on your health?

    During a visit to Alice Springs recently for a Rural Health workshop, Priyanka and Adam from the CHF team were lucky enough to visit The Purple House . For Indigenous residents around Alice Springs, the time spent away from country and family for dialysis treatment was felt negatively by patients and by their families and community. So consumers banded together and established The Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corp Inc. ( WDNWPT ). By raising money through an art auction, WDNWPT were able to begin the ‘Return to Country’ program, getting people home for...Read more
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    Really appreciate the help given by Metro North Care Team

    We found Sue to be very helpful and informative. Explained everything so we could understand, getting my husband some assistance to improve is life. Life a stool for the shower, a pusher with a seat so he can go for a walk, assistance to put some rails up. Sue made my husband feel that someone wanted to help him. We are looking forward to getting this assistance. Thank you.Read more
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    Thank you so much for all your help, Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local.

    Over the past 12 to 18 months I became very sick with leg ulcers and other medical conditions. After months of being pushed from pillow to post I was finally admitted to the Royal Brisbane Hospital. There they discovered my legs were not healing because, it seemed, I was on medication called 'Hydrea' which the local doctor, I think, would not believe was causing it. My sincere thanks goes to Helen and her team for helping me. I am very pleased and happy for their service. Thank You so much Helen for all your help. I could not of got through it without the service of Metro North...Read more
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    Important for me to talk with Health & Wellbeing Nurses with Murrumbidgee Medicare Local

    The recent health care given us is very valuable. As I have a spouse with dementia who is able to attend a group at the same time, it's very important to me to meet up and talk witht he health and wellbeing nurses and other's with similar situations. We have learnt so much medically and teh get together for my own health is something I really look forward to. Once a month is hardly enough really. Thanks to those well informed nurses that come to us, even travelling long distances. They certainly meet our local needs. So we are very happy and are helped to keep healthy in lots of...Read more
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    Unavailability of palliative care equipment

    When we/dad decided to move back to his unit for his final weeks we were grateful of having many pieces of equipment supplied by the government. However as Dad was a tall man (6’1”) they had to make a custom bed for him. As we wanted Dad home as soon as possible we rented a bed from a private service. The free palliative care bed was ready 3.5 weeks later by which time Dad was already back in hospice! Dad could afford to rent the bed, but I am conscious that such a delay would affect many other families and hence their decision where the final weeks are spent.Read more
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    After-hours care

    What is the best way to deliver better after-hours care? The issues, some ideas and plans for after-hours care were discussed on a recent ABC Radio Life Matters program (you can listen at: ) What is after-hours care like in your community, and what would work better for you?Read more
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