Aged care

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    Patient advocacy simplifies navigation of the health system

    I practice as an independent patient advocate where we are all qualified health professionals ( RN s). I have been advocating for a couple in their early 80s for about 3 years where the husband has had moderate Alzheimer’s from the initial diagnosis. His GP sent Clive* to a neuropsychologist for testing and since then, management has been by way of varied medications. 3 years ago the neuropsychologist flagged the need for professional assistance and careful planning for all the health and practical issues that would follow. When they asked for a referral to such a service, Clive’s GP...Read more
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    Refusal of HC provider to pay for services from package of care

    I was in Holy Spirit hospital twice recently. When I was discharged mid September I was wanting some help to get home again and re established at home. As I did not have the phone number of the Home care package provider (Feros) I rang the provider of my care, Simply Caring Australia to help me. Simply Caring immediately emailed Feros to advise that my Carer would be able to pick me up and help me home again. Feros are now asking me to pay for this service privately and will not access my Level 4 package to pay for the Carer who helped me get home. Feros do not readily respond to my phone...Read more
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    Hard to find someone to speak at BUPA Nursing Home New Farm

    BUPA nursing home New Farm My father has been in care in this nursing home for over a year now. From what I can see the staff seem caring however I find that it is difficult to speak with someone about my father’s condition. When I arrive at the facility, it seems hard to know whom best to speak to. I raised this with one of the staff I saw last time I visited my father and was told that the nurse manager would come to see me whilst I was there. This did not happen unfortunately. As I departed the facility I was told that the nurse manager must have been busy.Read more
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    Great care was shown to my father at Inverpine Retirement RSL Home.

    My father who had Alzheimer’s, was a resident for just over 18months at Inverpine, RSL Care Home at Murrumba Downs. I just wanted to thank the staff for the wonderful care given to him. He was an old Digger and the staff made sure they knew what his nickname was and called him by it, which always made him feel special. He loved the entertainment girl who would come to play mind games with all the residents. She always wore bright clothes and had a vibrant manner that seemed to spark up those around her. With his condition he was in the Secure unit and it seemed to me, whenever I was there,...Read more
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    Concerned with basic hygiene at Barwidgee Lodge.

    1. The staff seemed consistently rude and what I thought was less than could be considered professional when questioned about care by the family. 2. Although the family had supplied suitable clothing, it seemed that staff frequently dressed Mum inappropriately, and what I thought as compromising her dignity and comfort. This has been communicated to staff when observed along with practical advice on application of garments to what seemed no avail. 3. I spoke with the unit manager regarding my mother’s care, specifically the use of the “stand up” lifter causing shearing to the front of Mums...Read more
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    aged care facilities providing allied health services to high care residents

    A family member resides in an aged care facility and specified as high care. I know that allied health services, such as speech pathology must be provided by the facility if needed. However what confuses me about the system is that the facility and many others I know of are providing these services by having residents on the medicare CDM(EPC-enhanced primary care). This confuses me as normally you are only entitled to 5 allied health services a year and not all health providers bulk bill. What if they don't, does the resident have to pay the cost? But it clearly states in the residential...Read more
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